Sexy Kpop Dances - 72 songs

Scenes Sexy Kpop Dances - 72 songs

NOTICE: There might be an issue with downloading PluginIdea.HPVL.6 dependency from in-game hub. If you see errors, please download it manually from the dependencies tab. and place in VaM/AddonPackages folder

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Dance animations for sexy Kpop songs, in one megascene with customizable stage, lighting, outfits and much more. The motion is sourced from MMD, but I converted it to Timeline animations, and smoothed it to remove janky fast movements. Huge thanks to Shadow Venom (VaM Produce 69), GargChow (SmoothMoves plugin) and sfishere (mmd2timeline plugin).

If you enjoyed this scene, check out another awesome scene with many more sexy kpop dances, outfits and stages
VaM Produce 69:

Huge thanks to @Shadow Venom for sharing dance animations from VaM Produce 69 separately. This scene loads them directly and provides a different viewing experience for the songs, in both desktop and VR modes. Experience is similar to a dance practice video instead of music video style camride in VaM Produce 69.


The package includes:
  • 72 Kpop Dance animations

    24 original songs converted by me

    48 songs from VaM Produce 69 catalog by Shadow Venom


  • Camride/Camera View:
    No more fidgeting to find a good angle for viewing the dance. The scene includes camride for all songs using CameraMan. You can use it for a smooth music video like view, and customize camera parameters like zoom, height, random movements etc. Take a look at CameraMan's setup instructions for customization options, use Edit Mode (E) > Toggle Targets (T) to view camera position and how it moves with settings changes. Wouldn't recommend camrides in VR, might get motion sickness.

  • Three customizable dance stages and environments
  • Custom Look + Outfits
    Modified version of MonsterShinkai's Casey.
    Office Lady clothing preset, using @YameteOuji clothes. Bunny clothing presets, using @GoShin and @Jackaroo clothes. Angel Outfit preset, using @qingfeng141 and @immyneedscake clothes. Jeans & Sweater outfit using @jasik and @jakuubz clothes. Workout outfit using @maru01 clothes.

  • 5 Light Rigs - with 4 spot lights.
    Find them in subscene presets. Use it in other scenes following instructions from MonsterShinkai's Light Rigs, link to Person>Chest

  • Autoplay songs
    Enable autoplay to play a random song after one ends. Also adds a next song button to skip a song.

  • Custom PostMagic + Tonemap preset. Save 'CUA_Tonemap_PostMagic' to use in other scenes.

  • Load the scene. Check UI on the right side to play dances, and customize CamRide with CameraMan. UI on left has customization options for clothing, stage and lighting.
  • Click and song button on the right to play songs. Use Autoplay button to continue playing songs after one ends. You can load a volume of 24 songs at a time from the top tabs.
  • There is smooth camera animation to view the dance with camride. Use the F3 or 'Equals' key (=) to toggle camride view. You can also use the 'View Camride' button.
  • See keyboard shortcuts for playback controls on left side of the UI.

Scene Demo: Usage, UI and customization

Performance Optimization:

The scene and environments are optimized to provide the best performance. I tested the scene getting 150+ fps @1440p on RTX 4090, 90+ fps @1080p on RTX 4060. Please download the CPU Performance Patch to improve CPU bottleneck in performance and get even more fps!

WARNING: The scene is pretty heavy and loads a whole lot of stuff in one scene. Make sure you have Virtual Memory/PageFile enabled and set to 'System Managed'. Check this tutorial. Otherwise frequently changing looks etc will crash VaM with less than 32GB ram.

Here are some tips to improve performance, in order of impact:
  • Disable Glute Physics. It has a heavy fps hit. You can use ShakeIt to get similar physics.
  • Disable Mirror. See bottom of left UI for a toggle. It has huge fps impact at high resolution.
  • Reduce Number of Lights. UI, left side. 3 should be optimal.
  • Remove environment, or parts of it. UI lets you switch off major parts for fps boost.

Scene Customization:
You can customize scene lighting, stage, camride settings etc. and save the scene. When saving, please load the 'VaM Produce 69' songs volume from the tabs in right side UI. 'Sexy Kpop Dances' volume loads all songs at once, leading to a large 500MB file size on saving.

The scene uses Person plugins preset to load dances. This means that whenever you load a song volume or a dance, all person plugins will be reset. The scene allows you to save your custom Person plugins as a preset and they will be merge loaded along with the animations when you load a dance volume. Save it as follows:
  • Load scene. Remove all Person plugins.
  • Now add any custom person plugins you want. Save your Person plugins as a preset named exactly my_custom_person_plugins. Do not add folder prefix.
  • Check the MergeLoad Custom Person Plugins? toggle on bottom in left side UI.
  • DONE. Now your custom Person plugins preset will be merge loaded everytime when you load a dance volume. Follow the same process to modify your custom preset.

  • Please download all dependencies for best experience. Don't skip PostMagic and make to get exact versions of dependencies.
  • If you get some jitter on clothes and clipping, it's related to VaM physics behavior. This can usually be fixed by locking game FPS and Physics Rate to the same value (like 72), Physics update rate=2 or 3.
    You can use MSI Afterburner or RTSS to lock FPS. You can also lock FPS with MacGruber's Essentials FrameRateControl plugin.
  • Use Pixel Light Count of 6, else lighting will look bad. Performance is optimized, but 4+ lights can be heavy. Use UI to change light rig to 2 or 3 lights for some fps gains.
  • Avoid changing looks, outfits or stage while the dance is playing. These actions or opening VaM UI can cause stutters and make the animation jump ahead and go out of sync with audio.

Authors of MMD dances I found on the web.
See dependencies for credited resources on hub. I don't have a patreon and don't plan to monetize anything. If you like, please donate to the creators credited here whose work made this possible :)

Total Size
243.86 MB
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Latest updates

  1. Minor update: Added 24 more songs from VaM Produce 69

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  2. Major Update: 48 total songs! Added new environments and VaM Produce 69 songs.

    Major update to increase total to 48 songs in one scene. Original dances increased from 16 to...
  3. Usability update. Load all songs at once. Autoplay songs. 3 new light rigs.

    Update 6: Usability update. Load all songs at once. Autoplay songs. 3 new light rigs. No more...

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Excellent 👍👍👍
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Gorgeous and simple to use.
What really blows me away is that you can run the songs from VamProduce within this scene as well, amazing! I am wondering if we can utilize the camrides for the vamproduce songs as well? that would be nice.
Thanks! VP69 songs use the original animations from ShadowVenom but I couldn't get camrides working.
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Dude! You can't make stuff this good; I need to go to work! This is an awesome scene! Several optional environments, beautiful lighting, great music and dancing. I am SCREWED!!! Awesome work, thank you!
Thanks for the appreciation! Haha.. there's only 72 songs to go through :-p
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Just awesome ! Thnaks for putting this together and for the hard work! if more dance can be added it in the future this would be tremendously greaat !!! :p
Thank you!!
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Time to dance <3 <3 <3 <3
Indeed <3 Maybe with some elfettes :-p
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Great update! Thank you so much
Thanks you!
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If i could give 10 Stars i would. this is one of the top10 vam scenes and should be built in.
Thanks for the kind words!
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69 songs...noice ;)
The best VAM Dances scene so far!, thanks!
Keep it up the awesome work and keep it coming with new dances!

Side note: It would be great if have "passthru option" as well ;)
Thanks! Missed 69 songs, total is a even 72 songs now :-)
Haven't checked passthrough, but you can do it with some work like this: 1) Disable environment with the 'Hide Environment' button. 2) Disable skybox by turning off the 'CUA_skybox' atom.
Now you should be able to use the passthrough plugins. Colors will need tweaking as I use a custom LUT in the scene.
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