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A collection of light rigs that I've made and used over time saved as Subscenes.

I personally set the scene light to 0 or very low.
The rigs have 4 lights mostly plus some additional that are tagged (extra) which are off by default. You can choose to turn them on based on your computer specs.
In the scene provided you will notice the Subscene is located and attached to abdomen 2 with it's XYZ rotation set to 0.
Position is set to Parent Link with Y-Position Locked and Rotation Off.
(Unlock Y-Position for low to ground poses or you may want to Parent Link the Rotation depending on the situation.)
Default is optimal, the setting I usually use and mostly for playing MMD.
(of course you can do as you want and adjust to your personal taste)

Minor UI change for ease of use. Made a grab bar and hide button. To unhide you have to open the console and toggle on the "UI" atom.
Added toggle buttons to control Y Position Lock and Rotation Parent link. Adjusted some of the lights and renamed them for consistency. (look at video below for reference)


1st Video. My lights tend to be dark. You can increase the "Front_Main" especially when using background assets.
You may want to change this light to Point or unparent certain lights if you don't want it to follow the character.
2nd Video. I added 2 buttons to toggle Y Position Lock and Rotation Parent link. If you watch the video you can see why.

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  1. More adjustments for ease of use

    Added toggle buttons to control Y Position Lock and Rotation Parent link. Adjusted some of the...
  2. Light Rigs (Minor UI change for ease of use)

    Made a grab bar and hide button. To unhide you have to open the console and toggle on the "UI" atom.

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Who is the model in your picture from? Where can I get it?
Thanks for the review. The model is one that I made which has not been released.
Great work and a lovely look you use in pics, very talented.
Thanks! Much appreciate the comment and review.
This is hands-down one of the most useful assets on the hub, especially if you're creating looks (or any content, really). Absolutely fantastic work, thank you for making these available to us!
Thank you so much! I really enjoy lighting and believe it's one of the most important things. I'm always thinking of ways to improve the rig so there may be an update in the future.
Yow, This is helping me out so much, I have no idea about lighting but the light rigs and the 2 videos you uploaded to help us operating the rigs is FANTASTIC!!!! 5 stars from me monstershinkai!
Thanks. I spend a lot of time on lighting since I enjoy it. Glad I could help.
I'm not great at lighting, so these save a ton of time (and look better than what I typically come up with)
Thanks! Glad it helps. I spend a lot of time on lighting only because I really enjoy doing it.
Thank you. I play MMD often so this will work great for you.
Thanks for these! I use #2 in basically everyone of my no-background scenes.
Thanks! I probably use that one the most too and I'll just tweak the range and colors, maybe intensity.
these are superb!
Thank you! Glad you like them.
Very good! Thanks for sharing.
Glad you like it! Thanks for leaving a review. :)
형 이거 너무 좋아. 진짜 조명이 애들 살리는거 같아.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it.
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