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This is a direct rip of the native Quest Cyber Home environment. I have done my best to get it working well as an asset.
A lot of the animations are missing as I couldn't work out how they were meant to run and ended up with all sorts of odd things happening. The important ones seem to work however. The lighting is all pre-baked into the asset so you only need to light your model.
There are mesh colliders so you can touch as well as use gravity.
I removed the external elements, it works well with many of the existing skyboxes in VaM.

This is not my model and all credit goes to the original artists at Oculus. I will remove this if requested but claim fair use as artistic remix and interoperability with other software.
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Latest updates

  1. Minor bug fix

    Fixed the texture clash on the upper floor pieces. That bothered me.
  2. Added missing floor and tried to fix shadows

    I added in the missing floor and wall on the upper level, you no longer need to add these in...

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Just like home. More human than human.
Great asset, perfect with the Sky box
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