HL:Alyx Things you want and things you don't.

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So there are already HL:Alyx assets on here but I didn't see these items in them. If they are, sorry for the duplication.
That said, considering how much I hated 2 of these things and failed to find many of the third I can understand why they were left out of the asset packs.
So I give you crabs, headcrabs that is. rigged. I can't be bothered to animate or script moving it yet though.
The Barnacle. Oh man, again rigged, should be easy to do a script to lift the tongue up and down.
Resin! Lots and lots of resin. Different blocks and some stacks, fill a room with it and revel in your own immense wealth.
These of course are not my assets. Buy the game. It's awesome. One of the best games I have played in years.
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Latest updates

  1. Chomp Chomp

    Second slider added to move the inner mouth up and down.
  2. Twitchy Glitchy be gone

    I was alerted to an issue with the texture mesh on the barnacle so I think I fixed it.
  3. Tongue goes up.. Tongue goes down. Tongue goes up. Tongue goes down.

    Can you guess what I did yet? I scripted the tongue for the barnacle so you can retract it up...
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