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Sexy Kpop Dances - 16 songs

Scenes Sexy Kpop Dances - 16 songs 18

Update 6: Usability update. Load all songs at once. Autoplay songs. 3 new light rigs.
  • No more loading separate song Volumes! Load all songs with the scene. Play any song directly.
  • Autoplay feature. When enabled, next songs plays after current one ends.
  • Added 3 new light rigs, 5 total options now.
  • Added a slight fog effect in stage background. Can be disabled from Stage UI.

Update 5: MAJOR UPDATE! Releasing Sexy Kpop Dances Vol. 4: 6 new songs for a total 16 songs.
  • Releasing Volume 4 - added 6 new songs, 16 songs in total. Some popular ones, some niche songs :)
  • New Workout Outfit.
  • Added asteroids in background for a truly out of the world view :p. Updated the light rig.
Update 4: Minor update to fix animation and audio sync issues.

Update 3: MAJOR UPDATE! Release of Sexy Kpop Dances Vol. 1 to 3. Total 10 songs, 5 new. Reworked dances with finger + lipsync animations.
  • Reworked scene into Volumes. Now comes with Vol. 1-3. Added 5 new songs, 10 songs in total. All dances now have finger and lipsync animations thanks to the excellent mmd2timeline plugin.
    Scene customization, particularly person plugins, needs some new instructions. Please check the 'Scene Customization' section.
  • New Sweater & Jeans Outfit.
Update 2: Added customizable camrides! New Angel outfit, and 9 skybox options.
  • Camrides for a music video like experience! Added smooth adjustable camride for all songs using CameraMan. Take a look at CameraMan's setup instructions for customization options. Check out the camera previews below.
    If updating from an older version, get the new dependencies for the camera to work correctly.
  • New Angel Outfit clothing.
  • Customize the skybox backdrop with 9 options.
Spent some time figuring out camrides. Don't worry, Sexy Kpop Dances Vol. 2 is underway with 3 new dances finished.
Update 1: New song 'Momoland - Baam', new bunny outfit, lighting and UI improvements.
  • Added 5th song: Momoland - Baam.
  • New Bunny Outfit clothing.
  • New stage, light rigs, and UI with more customization options.

NOTICE: Not planning to add more songs to this scene. I have a fairly easy to follow set of steps to convert your MMD animations into Timeline (with mmd2timeline ) and smooth them. I'll create a proper guide soon so you can easily add new songs to the scene yourself! :)


Dance animations for some sexy Kpop songs. The motion is sourced from MMD, but I converted it to Timeline animations, and smoothed it to remove janky fast movements. Huge thanks to GargChow (SmoothMoves plugin) and sfishere (mmd2timeline plugin). The package includes:
  • 16 Kpop Dance animations,
    Set to Kpop songs. Timeline animations, no MMD plugin needed.
    • Vol. 1:
      • STELLAR - Marionette
      • HELLO VENUS - Wiggle Wiggle
      • LAYSHA - Chocolate Cream
      • MOMOLAND - Baam
    • Vol. 2:
      • AESPA - Black Mamba
      • AESPA - Next Level
      • TWICE - Scientist
      • TWICE - Cry For Me
    • Vol. 3:
      • K/DA - The Baddest
      • K/DA - More
      • K/DA - Pop/Stars
      • RED VELVET - Bad Boy
    • Vol. 4:
      • KARA - Lupin
      • SECRET NUMBER - Privacy
      • LE SSERAFIM - Antifragile
      • LE SSERAFIM - Fearless

  • Camride/Camera View:
    No more fidgeting to find a good angle for viewing the dance. The scene includes camride for all songs using CameraMan. You can use it for a smooth music video like view, and customize camera parameters like zoom, height, random movements etc. Take a look at CameraMan's setup instructions for customization options, use Edit Mode (E) > Toggle Targets (T) to view camera position and how it moves with settings changes. Wouldn't recommend camrides in VR, might get motion sickness.

  • Custom Look + Outfits
    Modified version of MonsterShinkai's Casey.
    Office Lady clothing preset, using YameteOuji's clothes. Bunny clothing preset, using GoShin's clothes. Angel Outfit preset, using Qing and immyneedscake's clothes. Jeans & Sweater outfit using Jachu and Jakuubz clothes. Workout outfit using maru01 clothes.

  • 5 Light Rigs - with 4 spot lights.
    Find them in subscene presets. Use it in other scenes following instructions from MonsterShinkai's Light Rigs, link to Person>Chest

  • Autoplay songs
    Enable autoplay to play a random song after one ends. Also adds a next song button to skip a song.

  • Custom PostMagic + Tonemap preset. Save 'CUA_Tonemap_PostMagic' to use in other scenes.
  • A dance stage with some light effects. Stored as subscene in 'envs' atom

Dance animation demo, using camride view:

  • Load the scene. Check UI on the right side to play dances. UI on left has customization options for clothing, stage and lighting.
  • Click and song button on the right to play songs. Use Autoplay button to continue playing songs after one ends.
  • There is smooth camera animation to view the dance with camride. Use the 'Equals' key (=) to toggle camride view. You can also use the 'View Camride' button.

Scene Customization:
You can customize scene lighting, stage, camride settings etc. and save the scene.

Old versions of the scene needed loading dance animations in Volumes and had special instructions to customize scene. No need for that anymore. All songs/dances are loaded at once with scene. Just customize what you want and save the scene.

  • Please download all dependencies for best experience. Don't skip PostMagic and Colortone, and make sure Timeline version is exact match.
  • If you get some jitter on clothes and clipping, it's related to VaM physics behavior. This can usually be fixed by locking game FPS and Physics Rate to the same value (like 72), Physics update rate=2.
    You can use MSI Afterburner or RTSS to lock FPS.
  • Use Pixel Light Count of 6. Performance is optimized, but 4+ lights can be heavy. Use UI to change light rig to 2 or 3 lights for some fps gains. You can also disable Glute Physics if you load a custom look for good fps gains.
  • Avoid changing looks or outfits while the dance is playing. That or opening VaM UI can cause stutters and make the animation jump ahead to sync correctly causing physics issues.

Scene Demo: Usage, UI and customization

Clothing Options:


UI Options:

Authors of MMD dances I found on the web.
See dependencies for credited resources on hub. I don't have a patreon and don't plan to monetize anything. If you like, please donate to the creators credited here whose work made this possible :)

Look & hair: MonsterShinkai, ddaamm
Clothes: YameteOuji, GoShin, Qing, immyneedscake, Jachu, Jakuubz, maru01
Plugins and Misc: sfishere (mmd2timeline), AcidBubbles, AshAuryn, hazmhox, Hunting-Succubus, Jackaroo, MacGruber, RenVR, TiSeb, Xstatic, xxxa (LUT preset), GargChow (SmoothMoves plugin), VRAdultFun, everlaster, PluginIdea, WeebU, WgSoup
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 57 ratings

More resources from CheekiBreeki

Latest updates

  1. Usability update. Load all songs at once. Autoplay songs. 3 new light rigs.

    Update 6: Usability update. Load all songs at once. Autoplay songs. 3 new light rigs. No more...
  2. MAJOR UPDATE! Releasing Sexy Kpop Dances Vol. 4: 6 new songs for a total 16 songs.

    Update 5: MAJOR UPDATE! Releasing Sexy Kpop Dances Vol. 4: 6 new songs for a total 16 songs...
  3. Minor update to fix animation and audio sync issues.

    Fixed Timeline animation and music audio sync issues which happened when VaM lagged or...

Latest reviews

Wow! This scene has polish! Can't imagine the hours that went into this. Great work!
Thanks! Probably 100s hours, but I stopped counting :-p
Upvote 0
Amazing! I don't know why I just discovered this now!
Dances are well choreographed and all unique from each other.

I wish there were Keybindings to be able to flip/tweak the cameraman modes (like at least to switch to 360/180/0 & possibly raise/lower the height) so that you can sort of "direct" the camera during a dance.

Please more of this, also would be sweet to flip the setting to your apocalyptic environment (REALLY COOL) or maybe just some perhaps brighter skybox backgrounds for diversity? Also maybe the option to toggle that big light ring? On some costumes it causes some weird transparency effects.

All in all, this was some much more than I would've ever asked for and my suggestions are not an indicator of anything lacking.
Thanks! Replied in the discussion for customization help.
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Please, add Oh my girl, Gfriend, Momoland, NewJeans, Nmixx)))
Thanks for the review! Not planning to add more dances at the moment. Will make a guide later so anyone can convert MMDs to timeline animations using https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/mmd2timeline.28133/
Upvote 0
Sensational one of a kind masterpiece! Thank you for sharing, Breeki!!!
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Awesome works, thank you
You're welcome! ^◡^
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amazing work, thank you
You're welcome! ^◡^
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Great work!
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Fantastic scene however Im not sure how to load/change character to Ahri. Hoping to get some assistance thank you
Thanks! Posted some help in the discussion thread.
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love your work! and keep going !
Thanks for the kind words!
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Best of the Best
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