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Hello there!
This update added VaM launch scripting! Hopefully you'll like it!
What is VaM Launch? It's an amazing plugin made by the talented hazmhox that syncs what's happening on screen with your toy, making everything way more immersive!
The pattern has been manually animated to better represent the scene.
Plugins - VAMLaunch repack | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) By hazmhox


Extended version has been released for Directors! You can find it at the following link!

What is an Extended version? After the dance is over she'll give you a little more action with some looping animations provided by a simple UI.

New update!

-Fixed hand position during HJ sequence;
-Tweaked the girl a little bit, she's still not final :);
-Some lighting changes;
-Various performance fixes;

IMPORTANT: Physics rate at 80Hz, not 60, sorry for typo;

There's still an issue with her face acting weird during expressions, I guess I'll have to redo her face since it's probably clipping during morph changes;

EXTENDED VERSION is coming for Directors, I will need a few more days!


Hey guys, I'm finally back! And this is the first update! Here's the changelog:

-Fixed collision issue at the start;
-Fixed clothing preset not loading;
-Changed lighting to make it more intense in the final sequence;
-Added expressions;
-Added hand poses;
-Added climax and effects, since lot of you guys request it!

Another update is planned to fix some stuff and also add VaM launch scripting, then I will move on to the extended version for Directors!


Hello there, since tomorrow I have to leave for a week, I'll let you play with the current alpha version of the next lap.
Hopefully the state it's currently in is acceptable for you guys ;)
There's many updates planned, and animation tweaks too, but don't expect anything for the next week since I'll be away from my pc, sorry.
Feel free to provide feedback since I'll still be able to read your comments :)

Have fun!





-Performance issues ;
-If you encounter any FPS issues, put AA at 0, lower resolution, as last resort disable soft body physics;
-Clipping issues with clothing;
-Weird glitches with her mouth during some expressions;
-Broken finger position during HJ sequence;

-Place "AlpacaLaps.Royal.var" in your "AddonPackages" folder;
-Open Virt a Mate and before loading the scene verify on the "Package Manager" that AlacaLaps.Royal.var has all the needed dependencies installed, if not download all the missing stuff;

-Freeze before loading the scene
-60Hz, physics cap at least at 2, 3 recommended;
-Shaders on HIGH, avoid low cause it looks bad;
-Possess the guy;
-Try to adjust without moving too much otherwise penis won't go where he's supposed to and will be very sad;
-To restart use default UI button or reload the scene entirely;
-Unfreeze and enjoy!;


Clothing - Skippy's Cum Clothing | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) By Skippy
Assets - Cumpack | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) By Molmark
Clothing - Tank top | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) By maru01
Hairstyles - elf hair | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) By ddaamm




-Plugins - Glance: Realistic head-driven eye motion | Virt-A-Mate Hub (virtamate.com) by Acidbubbles
-Plugins - Soundtrack audio sync | Virt-A-Mate Hub by lfe
-Smooth Moves by GargChow

Thanks to all these amazing creators for making this possible!


First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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