1. AlpacaLaps

    Scenes Jiggle - Lapdance 3

    \\\\\EXTENDED version has been released for all patrons!\\\\\\ \\\\\You can find it at this link: Jiggle (Lapdance) Extended | AlpacaLaps on Patreon \\\\\ \\\\\UPDATE #2 -Added wet textures by SupaRioAmateur Textures - Geoshell Skin Overlay (Added Oily Skin) | Virt-A-Mate Hub (
  2. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Beep Beep - Lapdance 2

    /////HOTFIX#1 -Revamped clothing to sort clipping issues -Added new clothing triggers -Reduced fur count to improve fps (hopefully) -Adjusted lighting -Released Extended version for Director tier ///// Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! I was a little bit occupied with the...
  3. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Circus - Lapdance 8

    /////HOTFIX #1 -Fixed RESTART button (it should now work properly at the end) -Centered the girl during the closeup dancing sequence -Fixed clipping issues at panty drop -Fixed penetration issues at the end ///// It's finally here. Probably my best creation yet! Very high energy! There's a...
  4. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Dancin - Lapdance 1

    It's done! I'm super happy with how it came out! Animation is smooth as butter, the atmosphere is nice, all in all very satisfied. Now I will have to rework my old scenes to make them on par with this standard! Slow and sexy like some of you guys requested. Big tiddy lovers this one is for you...
  5. AlpacaLaps

    Scenes Drum Go Dum - Lapdance 1

    Hello there! I wanted to thank you guys so much for the words of encouragement on my first scene. It was truly unexpected and motivated me to make this new little one. Again, I'm still learning a lot, and wanted to try something new, hopefully you will like this one too! It's a little bit...
  6. AlpacaLaps

    Scenes Chocolate Cream - Lapdance 8

    UPDATE #2 I wasn't happy with Chocolate Cream, it was my first creation so it deserved some love. I'm learning a lot of new stuff so I wanted to make it better and in line with my latest release. I redid the whole animation, reworked the lighting setup, implemented hand poses and expressions...
  7. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Paradise - Mocap Scene 1

    Full Preview:
  8. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Forever - Mocap Scene 1

  9. Vam6

    Scenes Vam aliens Only 20th version

    Meteor rain nice in vr
  10. MK47

    Paid Scenes MK_47.Animation_Lapdance_B_Monica 2020-12-10

    This animation uses the look I created_Monica. Set up youtube page, you can choose your favorite music. Preview
  11. ClubJulze

    Scenes BoogieFuta Remake - Mocap Scene 1

    Full Preview:
  12. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Began - Mocap Lap Dance 1

  13. Vam6

    Scenes catch pussy 20 beter

  14. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Murderer - Mocap Scene 1

  15. Vam6

    Scenes Fitness 19/20

  16. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Cyberpunk - Mocap Scene 1

  17. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Slave - Mocap Scene 1

    Sorry recording software is on the fritz. Will post a recording when it's working again.
  18. T

    Paid Scenes This ass shake turn me on 2020-08-19

    New scene! Only for the small butt lovers 🍑 Enjoy :) Big thanks to : Acid Bubbles for Timeline Mofme for the fluid VamTastic for the Penis grip morphs AshAuryn for the facial expressions AnythingFashionVR for the high socks Oeshii for the panty Vince for...
  19. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes SheGotThat - Mocap Scene 1

  20. ClubJulze

    Paid Scenes Pourit - Mocap Scene 1

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