1. hiphopjin

    Paid Scenes Sex of a female secretary 2023-02-20

  2. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Stronger - Lapdance 3

    Hello there! First iteration of this new lap, featuring a lot of titty action as requested by many. Hopefully I made you happy with this. It's been very hard to obtain this level of quality, and I'm still not happy with it. It's very FPS heavy, as there's a lot of going on at the end, I...
  3. abc tits

    Paid Scenes LapDanceX 1.30

    Secondary distribution is prohibited. (Files and videos) All Patron Now Available.
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  5. ezgif-2-f66b6bd5bd.gif


    Riding sequence in the latest lapdance "Promise"
  6. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Promise (Lapdance) 7

    /////UPDATE#2 (16/11/2022): Added Extended version for Director Tier! You can find it at this link >>>>> Promise Extended (DoD Lapdance) | AlpacaLaps on Patreon ///// /////UPDATE#1 (2/11/2022): -Added expressions; -Improved performace (looking for feedback); -Added Plugins - VAMMoan |...
  7. Bounciness overload!

    Bounciness overload!

    Little teasing sequence before the action! (Broken - Mixed Lapdance)
  8. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Broken (Mixed Lapdance) 1

    It's here! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy with how it came out. In fact I'm stoked! Hopefully you are gonna like it too! A lot of attention was put into lights and expressions, that I've been neglecting lately if I have to be honest. This time I made them from scratch, using a combo of...
  9. CheersMate

    Scenes Gymnastics Lessons - Cowgirl Pullups 3

    Some pullup bar fun to a heavy beat. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Meant for VR embody POV otherwise the guy just sits there like a stump with a heat seeking dildo attached. If you have to view in desktop mode I think you'll still enjoy it. Just know that you're missing out. Go get a VR rig...
  10. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes Premiere - Meet Sandra - new mocap model 2022-09-07

    Introducing Sandra, my new motion capture model. Sandra is a professional dancer and she is very excited to work with me and bring her best moves to VAM. She is still learning how to use the mocap gear and with time she will get better and better Model is not included in the scene. Scene is...
  11. abc tits

    Paid Scenes HipVenus Sex (Archive) 2.50

    Don't distribute the Files and videos. Users who have made secondary distribution on external websites have had their accounts deleted upon my report. The motion is newly created, not transplanted. It is a motion that doesn't...
  12. Kati's Booba go big

    Kati's Booba go big

    @[32358:@KillDozer69]'s Kati seeing her currently extra inflated booba while giving a lapdance to @[8066:@immyneedscake]'s futa 2B in a scene by @[30998:@ispinox] Full video on my @[13646:@ragingsimian] Twitter
  13. ispinox

    Scenes The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons Lapdance / Strip and more 3

  14. ArchLich

    Scenes Blue Club Lapdance 1

    -Blue Club Lapdance- (lot of imagination used for the name) Short lap dance and a ride scene in blue lighted environment My first published scene, so the animation maybe be little bit wonky and may have issues with alignments :) How to: Press play and enjoy. After main animation you have...
  15. abc tits

    Paid Scenes Follow the Tits (Archive) 2.00

    Secondary distribution is prohibited. (Files and videos) Ver 2.00 Changed Look to Alice Let's feel good while looking at the tits haha.
  16. VirtAmateur

    Paid Scenes Leena's Dance and Fuck 1

    Look. Screenshots. UI. Credits. References packages by: A1X AcidBubbles Ben-g_Copper CosmicFTW CuteSvetlana...
  17. AlpacaLaps

    Paid Scenes Timeless - Twerk Lapdance 1

    This is my first attempt at creating something more atmospheric, it's still an empty dark room for FPS reasons, but I wanted to add something more to give it a new and unique look. I feel like these are starting to look all the same, so I hope you don't mind! ;) /////UPDATE#1 -Added VaM Launch...
  18. C&G-STUDIO

    Paid Scenes [C&G-STUDIO] "Booty2Lap Vol.3" 2022-04-04

    TRAILER Check out our Discord server here for more infos about C&G + POGVR! :cool: ******************************************************************************************************************** THE PC LICENSE REFERS TO THE ACTUAL MOCAP, CHARACTER MODELS, OR...
  19. HotChicksVR

    Paid Scenes HotChicksVR 022 [LapDance] 5:52 mins 22 HotChicksVR is a dance studio specialized in modern dances including erotic ones (Striptease, Lap dances, Twerk dances). The highest quality of motion capture animations. Preview: CREDITS...
  20. HotChicksVR

    Paid Scenes HotChicksVR 021 [LapDance] 5:10 mins 021 HotChicksVR is a dance studio specialized in modern dances including erotic ones (Striptease, Lap dances, Twerk dances). The highest quality of motion capture animations. Preview: CREDITS...
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