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Soundtrack Audio Sync Plugin
Ever had a scene that has music with some dancing scene animation or motion capture that is supposed to sync with it?

Those scenes with dancing and the creators that make them are badass. But my computer is not badass. So dancing stops going with the music and I get sad.

This plugin fixes out of sync problem.

Also lets you change the speed of the animation with timescale slider and keep it in sync with a replacement song that did not match original speed.

Using it

Add this to any atom in the scene.

It will try and find the longest sound clip referenced in the triggers of your Scene Animation.

It will also try and set the offset based on the discovered trigger as well.

Full instructions of all options are in the Plugin Panel.

Performance Tips

Set User Preferences > Physics Update Cap to 2 or 3
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thank you
You know I love you right ?:)))
Great work.
It works really well! Thanks.
This works quite well. Will be incorporating in all my future scenes.
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