Red3Some Part 3 First Touch

Scenes Red3Some Part 3 First Touch 2


A hand animated, 8 minute long mini story with dialogue
Mini Story.jpg

Select one of 3 modes and enjoy a hands-off scene


Many positions with smooth transitions and no loading screens

Easy to use menu, even if you are new to VAM. With scene and graphics settings

Patrons have access to extra 3 poses: Download here
You don't need to download the dependencies again. Both scene share the same dependencies.
Download them here instead.
Patreon Poses.jpg

My focus is on free scenes but I add extra poses for patrons for all my scenes.
Every month I'm sharing a new free scene. That will be a story scene or a dance scene. Depends on what I finish first.
At tier 3 and above you can vote for looks in my future scenes.
Support is well appreciated:
My Patreon site

Enjoy the scene :)


First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed alignment issues and some other stuff

    -One pose had alignment issues and while I was at it, I have gone through the whole scene...

Latest reviews

just an absolutely fantastic scene with amazing atmosphere and lighting.
I am pleasantly surprised at how well it runs in vr considering how great it looks.
Positions run smooth, story is interesting, audio is excellent.
The menu is very user friendly and just makes everything easy to get into.
There are extra positions for the patron version but i'll want to stress that without them this still feels complete.
Scenes like this (and there other scenes also) are almost always behind a paywall with this level of work and the free versions are far better then many that are patron a mile tbh.
It feels a bit wrong getting there work for free so while the extra positions didnt get me to purchase the patron version the fact they obviously put a lot of work and care into these scenes did make me become a patron.
Its well deserved and if you wanna see how great vam scenes can look and run I suggest downloading all their work.

Scenes like these are what makes Vam such a great program!
Thank you so much for the amazingly positive review :) Motivates me for the next scenes
Is your message board only for your customers, I hope I adore you so much! Hope to see your reply.
Do you mean the names in the background. Those are patreon backers/supporters
Bloody good stuff mate and glad you got rid of the scene loading. I will consider supporting in the future if you keep this up. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks a lot 🙏 Definitely more to come. Glad you enjoyed the scene
I can see the amount of work that went into this. A few insertion problems, but so well done they're forgivable.
Thank you :) Can you tell me about the problems you had. I going to fix some stuff this weekens and will look into it while I'm at it.
So this is the definition of VAMbition lol yes thats ambition in vam haha Pretty ground breaking stuff.
:) thanks
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