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[Mystery Box] #11 "Tempting Dining"

Paid Scenes [Mystery Box] #11 "Tempting Dining" 2024-01-30

Here it is! The next wonderful Mystery Box for your delicate needs!

Meet @riggins gorgeous & natural looking model "Brandy" in a quiet unusual "Diner". That's right, in this Diner the meals are something personal ;)

Enjoy a break from all the stress, the atmosphere in the Diner and become the pussy gourmet you always wanted to be by "eating" through 3 main courses and a toal of 10 sex poses! Additionally you can choose a second clothing set made by @Yep !

All sex locations have a easy navigation / spawn, a dedicated camera panel, orgasm/speed adjustmets & more to explore.

So make sure to reserve your table now and eat out like the king you are.

Your C&G



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