Milk Truck Resupply 2.0

Scenes Milk Truck Resupply 2.0 2.1

NOTE about Performance: Click the Environment button to disable the room for an fps boost
Breast physics tested with Physics Rate: 60HZ and Physics Update Cap: 2

Now who ordered two jugs of milk?

An updated version of Milk Truck resupply, finally with sfx, updated Sam and Ryan, body sliders, clothing options and a special secret ;)

Small Note: The VR scene is the same as the regular one just without Post Magic as it sometimes causes problems in VR mode.

As always, credits were credits are due:

VaMChan - Hair Ponytail
Roac - Hair pack 2
kemenate - Male Body Hair
Roac - Straight3
LO - Hair Ear hook long

IRIN455 - Bedroom
Xstatic - MegaParticlePack

Jackaroo - FreeGenNormals*
Chokaphi - Decalmaker*
Alter3go - Body Freckles*
IP/Switch - Nipple Decals*
DJ - Tanlines*
Alter3go - Skin A1 3*

kemenate - Decals
WeebU - Penis normal maps ZERO FU
Damarmau - Muscle normals

NoState3 - UnityAssetVamifier
MacGruber - Post Magic
AdamAnt5 - Realtime LipSync
dub - AudioMate
hazmhox - VAMMoan
AcidBubbles - Glance
AcidBubbles - ImprovedPoV

Jackaroo - JarModular Expressions
AshAuryn - Expressions*

TGC/Richabri - Lacewear Choker
Qing - Regina Wings
OptiMist - Spaghetti Strap Top
VAMDoll - Sweatshirt

And a special thanks to pogdaddy for encouraging me to include a certain something in 2.0!

*used in previous versions

If you liked the original version of this scene better it is still available in the History tab at the top of this resource page.
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After some trouble for me and a great support from Peta, it is now working great ! even on last update ! So Nice job, very very nice ! 100 points !! 100 stars :)
Great to hear it worked for you after all eros!
10 points!!!
It's a great scene.
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