Looks Sam 1.3

NOTE: To use the Look in other scenes you have to load it using the General Presets tab, otherwise the textures won't load correctly.

UPDATE 07/16: Finally fixed the white texture problems!

Update 05/17: now with more realistic breast physics, fondle them in VR!


The ModularExpressions are not really necessary for the Look but I really like how they make the face more appealing. If you'd like to reset the facial expression just set all the morphs in the JaRExpressions Category to their default value.

Breast Physics Update:

Settings used for the video:

Skin Textures:
- delete Specular & Gloss Texture

Skin Materials 2:
- Specular Texture Offset = 0.000
- Gloss = 7.000
- Gloss Texture Offset = 0.700
- Diffuse Bumpiness = 400
- Specular Intensity = 1.000
- Specular Fresnel = 0.800
- Specular Bumpiness = 0.300

Roll Credits,
Thanks to the following creators for publishing their work and making it possible to create Sam:

Roac - Hair pack 2
VaMChan - Hair Ponytail

kemenate - Decals (d_makeup_15 + custom freckles for the face decal)
IP - NippleDecals (12% Strapless + custom frecles for the torso decal)

Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions
Spacedog - Import Reloaded Lite (used for the final morph)
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Latest updates

  1. Texture fix/addition, dependency overhaul, license change

    Say goodbye to texture problems (white face/torso) this version finally uses regular decal...
  2. Added better breast physics for the look

    I updated the breast physics because I didn't like how they behaved when fondled in VR and am...
  3. Sam General Preset

    Added the option to load the Look in other scenes through the General Presets tab.

Latest reviews

One of the best original looks on this site! What makes it great is the girl-next-door aspect to her. So many original looks out there that look like supermodels, makes this kind of look refreshing.
amazing. love to get the scene too.
If by scene you mean the mo-caps from the video then I'm sorry to disappoint you. What you see in the video is me goofing around while possessing her and just recording the screen, cutting together the best bits afterwards. For some reason whenever I tried to both possess the body and record the joints her whole pose became limb, so unfortunately those movements are forever lost... like tears... in rain.
She’s super cute and fun sized. :-)
Even better now :)
Just perfect.
perfect breasts,, perfect face, perfect smile: I'm in love
Really love this look!
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