1. Marzipan

    Looks Eve 1.0

    This is Eve! She is very friendly, outgoing and loves a caring individual. A somewhat inspired look that has a friend who is 'Invincible' ;) Have fun! *NOTE* The Clothing and Environment you see here are not included with the look. I have provided a list of the Creators for said clothing if...
  2. VirtAmateur

    Paid Scenes Couch Fun 3

    Video preview: Features: New look. 2 different positions with 2 variations each. Seamless transition between variations. Custom UI controls. No load times between positions. Look: Screenshots:
  3. ModsCreator

    Paid Clothing Cute_Sweatshirt 2021-07-15

  4. oeshii

    Paid Looks Misa 1

    Misa look includes; New custom hairstyle made just for Misa. Custom textures with detailed normal, specular and gloss maps. New custom genital texture. Some custom morphs sculpted just for this look in Blender. Glasses asset from Sketchfab. Mini pose pack (13 static poses) Ported room asset...
  5. VirtAmateur

    Paid Scenes A Moist Night 2021-07-09

    Disclaimer: There is no sex in this scene (yet ;), it's sort of early access, but still enjoyable if you like this style). Video preview: Features: Seamless transitions (no load screens). SFX. Includes scene and new looks. Screenshots:
  6. PetaZwega

    Paid Early-Access Scenes Taken Aback 1.1

    Setup Note: Physics Rate: 60HZ and Physics Update Cap: 2 For an explanation about early-access release see below Early-Access? What in the downfall-of-gaming is this shit?!! Well this is the point where you can call me a hypocrite about how I've mentioned before that I...
  7. Milanin

    Paid Looks Kim 2021-07-02

  8. PetaZwega

    Scenes Faithy Feet 1.0

    Performance Note: - turn off soft body physics, nothing in this scene uses this feature - deactivate the room by clicking the 'Environment' button, this gave me about 10 more fps - turn off the lights, I ordered them descending by their importance for the scene This time I have a longer...
  9. AmineKunai

    Scenes Cute Idle Animations DEMO Scene 2021-06-25

    Hello everyone! I've tried to make something different and it is the idle animation pack! It's a demo version, for now, so I just tried something new! This is my first attempt to pack the scene in the VAR file, so if you will meet some issues, please, let me know! What about the pack? The video...
  10. BooMoon

    Paid Looks [Looks] Amanda 2021-06-24

    credits: MacGrubber , SupaRioAmateur , TGC , JaxZoa , MikeTruck , ClockWiseSilver
  11. TGC

    Paid Looks RC 2

    Any similarities to an actual person are purely coincidental Morphs ________________________________________________________________________________ - Reloaded Lite VAR package converted by driftdawg aka Spacedog Including morphs from rp1902, DieTrying, dildoeorg, TenStrip, aadhux...
  12. Milanin

    Paid Looks Kari 2021-06-18

  13. Barcoder

    Looks Pink Cat - Now Free! 2021-1

    Enjoy! Thanks to YameteOuji for the clothing!
  14. PetaZwega

    Looks Justine 1.0

    Say goodby to Sam and hello to Justine! Just like Sam I tried giving her a natural look, some belly fat here, some firm tits there. This time the boob physics are included from the get go so grope them in VR like the filthy animal you are! Also included are two facial expressions I made into...
  15. PetaZwega

    Scenes Stern Stuffing 1.0

    Déjà-vu have you been in this place before? Maybe. I had uploaded this scene a few days ago but had to rework it at the request of the moderators, but now I hope you can finally enjoy it as I think it might be my best so far going from the different penetration styles! This scene got a...
  16. Milanin

    Paid Looks Samantha 2021-06-03

    Samantha. Some thung gril.
  17. Itoa

    Paid Looks Sakiya - The Intern 1

    She's new here, wanna show her around? Needs:
  18. AmineKunai

    Clothing Cute Panties with Ribbon 2021-05-26

    Hey hey! There are some cuties here! Any color you want, any preset you want! As is was said in the title you can set any base color you want and choose between 6 patterns and 10 presets overall. There will be more items of this type in the future, so don't miss it! I'm planning to make a...
  19. Milanin

    Paid Looks Fiona 2021-05-25

  20. VirtAmateur

    Paid Scenes Puppy Girl 1

    Video preview (If it doesn't show up, please refresh): Includes: Scene. Appearance Preset for So Ion. Features: 8+ minutes of silly mocap. Some crazy moves ;) Subtle light show. Screenshots: Pin-Up:
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