1. PetaZwega

    Scenes Milk Truck Resupply 1.0

    NOTE: Set Physics Rate to 60HZ and Physics Update Cap to 2 for best results Since the other scene was so well received I sat down and tried myself on another one with a similar feel inspired by a great animation by VGErotica. As with Milk Truck Arrival I added a few clothing options to...
  2. PetaZwega

    Scenes Milk Truck Arrival 1.0

    NOTE: Set Physics Rate to 60HZ and Physics Update Cap to 2 for best results Small scene inspired by a video I found and tried to imitate, the boob physics were a bit tricky to get right but I think I got pretty close to something realistic looking. I also added a few clothing options that...
  3. Universens

    Paid Scenes Casting Vol.2 2.0

    Check out my other works ; HUB Xhamster
  4. Jackaroo

    Paid Early-Access Assets Water Lily Temple 1

    With animated collision based water. For water to work, the environment must stay at the default scale of1.00 Enjoy!
  5. biochrisd

    Paid Looks Zone! 1

    Find her here! Thank you! For more of my custom morphs for Virt-A-Mate, please support me here! Thank you!
  6. Universens

    Paid Scenes Casting Couch Vol.1 1.0

  7. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Blonde Teen Handjob 1.0

    BLONDE TEEN HANDJOB Hey there! The new scene is just released, be sure to take a look! The scene has three slider controls available, please set physics rate to 240Hz for the best results :) Motion blur effect is disabled by default, you can also enable/disable DOF effect with a...
  8. JoyBoy

    Scenes Daemon Dreams 2021-03-26

    A JoyBoy creation. A simple scene of one of my favorite models. The scene includes 2 positions. For instructions to activate the glowing eyes, see Daemon Girl by immyneedscake download page - link. Credit to sound by real audiodude
  9. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Blonde Blowjob VR 1.0

    Blonde Blowjob VR Hey there, now you can download the latest scene and video ;) The scene has 3 control sliders and one button to enable/disable DOF, all other PP effects are on by default at loading scene. Please set your physics to 240Hz for the best results on the animation, and use...
  10. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Crazy Blowjob 1.0

    CRAZY BLOWJOB Deepthroat animated interactive scene with several slider controls, postprocessing effects, bulger and sfx! Comes with postprocessing effects ON by default (except for Depth of field effect, wich you can enable inside the scene with a button) throat bulger and BJSFX plugins...
  11. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Busty Blowjob 1.0

    BUSTY BLOWJOB Hey there! Here is the new "Busty Blowjob" scene. You have Six slider controls for the animations speed and intensity, interactive play is also available! Hope you like it, Thanks for your support! <3<3
  12. M

    Assets Animated Dark Tree - Dol Guldur 2021-03-07

    Animated tree for VAM background ported from sketchfab "Dark Tree - Dol Guldur" ( by 3dsofsan is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
  13. Universens

    Paid Scenes The Chalet Volume 2 2.0

    7 animated sex scenes with unique look High Res.
  14. TheScenes

    Scenes Japanese Schoolgirl 1.0

    Japanese Schoolgirl Scene Credits: MeshedVR Macgruber Spacedog HuntingSuccubus Oronan Roac Wolverine333 TGC NoOC Nobody Kemenate Thanks a lot for your support, you are awesome! <3<3
  15. TheScenes

    Scenes Redhead Cowgirl 2.0

    REDHEAD COWGIRL SCENE The Pack contains new custom long straight hairstyle with redhead variant, female morph presets & appearance and the scene with two slider controllers for the speed and animation force...
  16. MagicD

    Paid Scenes Cum Play (She really loves it) 1

    Animated scene made using the amazing Timeline plugin. 2 different ends. Dependencies and credits Acid Bubbles: -Timeline Plugin ( -Couch BJ Scene Girl ( VRAdultFun: -E-Motion Plugin...
  17. Tiseb

    Paid Scenes Lea Happy 2021-02-07

    Here is Lea in an animated scene where she takes are bigger kif . you can if you want it take possession of the head of the man to have a great POV view. Credit: JoyBoy for Hair => Mid Hair Pony YameteOuji for Cloth => SetS02 TGC for environement => Bedroom mode 1 ( The second link)
  18. kaimuto

    Paid Scenes Kai Table Missionary

    I would like to get ur feed back and ur thoughts , Have fun . Requirements : 1 -MacGruber.Life 2 -AcidBubbles.Timeline.204 3 -Cum Asset 4...
  19. Super Blowjob closeup

    Super Blowjob closeup

    Closeup view from the Super blowjob v0.2 Scene
  20. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Busty Fucking 2 1.0 New scene available for Patrons! It includes three animated scenes (pussyfucking, anal, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl...) a interactive one with the girl only, and the appearance and look is also packed at the .VAR!
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