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  1. JoyBoy

    Scenes Quiet Shower 2020-11-29

    Quiet Shower. An animated scene creation by JoyBoy. Credit to ReignMocap for the idle shower mocap: Link Thanks to BlenderB_Rodriguez for the amazing Quiet's Cell from MGSV asset environment. (Below file is not a .var but is required) Quiet (Outfit) By rukk
  2. Tiseb

    Paid Scenes Tania in spa 2020-11-10

    When Tania is alone in the spa .... The girl of the scene
  3. PUTZ

    Paid Looks PAID DL | Model Alice 26yr with 5+ Animated Scenes & 8 Custom Morphs for a Unique Look 1

    [This model and scenes were created as Exclusive Paid Content for Patrons of Patreon.com/PUTZ . Its your support that has enabled all the FREE VAM Clothing posted for the VAM Community. Also a Thanks to all the creators who have helped make VAM the Hottest Adult Game Ever! Become a Patron and...
  4. Universens

    Paid Scenes Wanna play pool ? 1.0

    Wanna play pool ? YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL DEPENDENCIES AND COPY INTO 'AddonPackages' (Vam/AddonPackages) - Update your VaM First !
  5. N

    Scenes Getting a handjob from that girl in her dorm room. 1

    No more dreaming, you finally get a handjob from that girl in her dorm room. Better hurry before her room mate gets home... My first VAM scene. It's super basic and probably has a TON of dependencies that I don't realize. You can go forward and backwards through the different positions. If...
  6. G

    Scenes Intimate Moment v3

    PLEASE USE VERSION OF TIMELINE .165 (see in "Dependencies" tab for download link) otherwise some triggers will be broken ! DESCRIPTION Big scene with the following features: - 12 Positions with animated transitions (30min+ of animations) - 2 different strips of female character - Small...
  7. VAMpyre

    Scenes Oriana Masturbates 2.0

    I'm delighted how many of you downloaded my debut submission, and it looks like Oriana is too. Care to join her? ---------- This is a semi-interactive animation featuring dynamic movements and lighting effects, using a combination of MacGruber's Life and vanilla AnimationPatterns. The .var...
  8. fin4l

    Scenes Elisha and Alex

    who knows what will happen when the owner of this asteroid mining colony finds out his wife, elisha, is sleeping with the head of security, alex. Nevermind that alex is a long-time family friend and was hand-selected by the owner himself to head up this operation... huge props to Norm...
  9. fin4l

    Looks Tiffany

    My first resource upload learning Timeline its supposed to animate tiffany revealing and caressing her left breast and biting her lower lip all dependencies should be included in the .var but I'm not sure how to test without deleting everything any feedback is appreciated
  10. Tiseb

    Paid Scenes Betty 2020-09-14

  11. Universens

    Paid Scenes 6 Animated sex scenes + Bonus 1.0

  12. Reanimator

    Scenes Daughter and Mother Roleplay scene with audio 1

    This is my very first scene that I've shared, so hopefully it works as intended. This is a looping animation with audio that can be played/stopped with buttons. I set the scene and created the animations and audio. Other assets come from: Cynthia model by xtatic38 Mia model by NoStage3...
  13. TGC

    Paid Scenes Virtual Sweetheart 1.0

    Interactive scene made with Acidbubbles`s Timeline plugin. Including BJ, FJ, 5 missionary and 5 doggy positions, smooth transitions and voice by Eve from eraudica.com You will need VaM version 1.19.2+ for this scene (Also works with VaM 1.20.10) Credits...
  14. TGC

    Scenes Sexy Time 2

    Interactive scene made with Acidbubbles's Timeline plugin Link for VaM 1.18/1.19/1.20+ Versions of the scene (free): https://www.patreon.com/posts/1st-scene-sexy-35472404 ALT Link for VaM 1.20+: https://mega.nz/file/9IkG1KSB#Wb-4xmqME4E17tEEOw-uDZetaa90sVA-z-FW8P55pAg Just extract the files...
  15. Spacedog

    Paid Scenes Spacedog's Stash - Glory Hole Scene 2020-05-31

    The first part of my highlights from my stash of unreleased scenes exclusively for patrons. This is a pair of glory hole scenes that never saw the light of day. Still as hot as they were when I made them in July 2018 and with a few visual tweaks to bring them more in line with my modern...
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