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  • Timeline
    Plugins Timeline
    Create keyframed animations, animate triggers, morphs and much more
    • Acid Bubbles
    • Updated:
  • Diction
    Scenes Diction
    A motion capture erotic lapdance scene to a BDSM electoerotic song.
    • ClubJulze
    • Updated:
  • SubScene Lighting Rigs
    Other SubScene Lighting Rigs
    A collection of 3 point lighting setups using the new SubScene atom
    • n00rp
    • Updated:
  • Improving FPS in VaM.
    Guides Improving FPS in VaM.
    Just some tricks and tips to improving FPS in VaM. Feel free to join the disccusion to contribute.
    • ClubJulze
    • Updated:
  • UndressMe
    Scenes UndressMe
    A motion capture lap dance to a fun and quirky 90s song. VaM's Unofficial theme song.
    • ClubJulze
    • Updated:
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