Strong babe

Scenes Strong babe 2021-04-06

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Second serie of sporty babe) Now she make some serious work) If you have low fps - just turn off mirrors. As usual you can move my UI with grabpoint.

My settings

How to use your look without broke animations in any my scene:
- Load your look as scene, go to "Appearance presets" and save a new preset.
- Load my scene, go to "Appearance presets" and load a preset.
- Expect inaccuracies in animations because of my scene was done for specific look.

How to install:
- You need latest Vam version (
- Download file.
- Unzip file in root of your Vam.
- Look for scene in your Var panel

AcidBubbles for look -
RichWilder for hair -
Macgruber for life plugin -
Blazedust for parenthold plugin -
Everlaster for titty magic -
Supa for clothes -
YameteOuji for clothes
mixaill3d for room
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