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FitnessStar Leggings

Clothing FitnessStar Leggings 1

Could not find a better time to workout from home with those my favorite leggings.

Quality still not top notch, mesh is very good, but not so good after import. Tried my best.

Import my old legging set from another game. Link here.

What's include

  • 24 presets including many patterns and styles
  • Extra FitnessStar Leggings Waist morph for adding realism
  • Simed leggings present the beautiful camel toes, controlled by collision power
  • Futa version in male cloth section, same as female version
  • 2 ripped textures for you to play around with the texture
  • Bonus Avery Top Transparent texture as shown in promo shot

Bonus Download

Find it in Attachment section. Have to have the VAR(1.19+) for it to work.
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