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Enjoy the ride with four different positions with VR or desktop. When enabled (green text color), the Auto Pose button will cycle through all four different positions in a predefined order. Disable Auto Pose (red text color) for manual position control. There three different buttons: Outfit 0, Outfit 1, and Outfit 2 that you can use to add your own clothing presets and switch between them easily. VAMLaunch is built-in and ready (VAMLaunch can be enabled/disabled via the EXTRAS button at the bottom).

This is my first upload and I want to credit abc tits (check out their content here), whose Hip Venus scene was used as a jumping off point for this one. I don't think there's much of that scene left but I have to give credit because of the great work he does! Next credit is Spacedog, whose jizz animations are top notch and I used a modified version of for this scene. Obviously Acid Bubbles, whose Timeline plug-in has become absolutely indispensable. Hazmhox for not only the incredible sound plug-ins that bring so much life to scenes but also the amazing fluids work and the CUI plug-in that made my menu ascend far beyond ugly gray buttons! And lastly, massive credit to MacGruber, who has contributed a tremendous amount of content, and has helped creators reach a new level of visuals with Post Magic.

  • Physics Update Cap: 3 preferred, but 2 will work
  • Pixel Light Count: At least 4
  • High Quality Physics: Off
  • Physics Rate: 60hz+
Female Physics:
  • Breast Soft Physics: On
  • Breast Hard Colliders: On or Off
  • Glute Soft Physics: Off
GIF 10-21-2022 3-28-02 PM.gif
GIF 10-21-2022 3-29-34 PM.gif

GIF 10-21-2022 3-31-48 PM.gif
GIF 10-21-2022 3-32-47 PM.gif

GIF 10-21-2022 3-53-40 PM.gif

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't have a Patreon and currently have no intentions of starting one. However, if you feel like this scene is especially worthwhile of your hard-earned money or praise, please consider supporting and/or praising the incredible creators that made it possible. For those that don't have a Patreon, I went ahead and linked them directly anyway. If you enjoyed this scene, maybe check out some of their other content and show them some love for all the work they do ❤

Original Scene Credit:
abc tits [Patreon] - The awesome Hip Venus scene made a great starting point for this one. If you don't have the original scene that I built this scene out of, I highly recommend you check it out here!​
Plug-In Credits:
Acid Bubbles [Patreon] - What would we really do without you?​
Hazmhox - I don't know what we'd do without you either!​
MacGruber [Patreon] - I can't imagine VaM without your resources!​
Morph Credits:
AshAuryn [Patreon] - The amazingly extensive morph packs that we all know and love​
enoeht - The incredible Puffy_VJ gens morphs​
cotyounoyume [Patreon] - Their awesome expressions and blushing plug-in. The female orgasm in this scene wouldn't be nearly as good without these morphs!​
Misc. Credits:
Spacedog [Patreon] - Awesome scenes that provided a great learning tool for me, as well as some great utilities​
Hair Credits:
Roac [Patreon] - This scene no longer features a Roac hairstyle after Version 5, as I found another hairstyle that I felt suits Haley better, but I still think they're one of the best creators when it comes to hair and you should definitely check them out​

The menu has been updated to include some other feature requests. I wanted to keep the menu as minimal as possible, so I created a single button labeled EXTRAS that opens up a second column of options that you can choose from.
Menu Features:
  • Turn on/off Chroma
  • Turn on/off VAMLaunch
  • Turn on/off Lyrics Banner
  • Turn on/off Slow Motion
  • Skip to female orgasm
  • Choose lighting style (Neutral or Mood)
Base UI with EXTRAS column off and AUTO POSE ON
2022-10-23 10_54_02-Zoomit Zoom Window.jpg

When setting AUTO POSE OFF, manual position buttons are displayed
2022-10-23 10_58_05-Zoomit Zoom Window.jpg

Fully expanded UI with EXTRAS enabled and AUTO POSE OFF

Closeup of fully expanded menu with new Version 5 features
2022-10-23 09_29_25-Zoomit Zoom Window.jpg
There is now a text popup that displays the recommended performance settings as requested by a user. You can click the message to disable it and it won't come back for the rest of the playthrough.

If you're having issues with facial expressions while using your own custom models:
If you want to use your own looks, some people have run into an issue with the smile animations being too extreme. The best way to avoid this without having to modify the scene itself is to locate this morph and dial it down to reach a more desired outcome. See screenshot:

This morph seems to be enough to bring the smile animations back to a normal level. Tested on half a dozen looks by other creators downloaded via the hub.

If you run into any issues or if you just have an idea for something you'd like added to the scene don't hesitate to reach out in the discussion section. I try to respond to requests and suggestions as soon as I can.

Thanks for downloading! Enjoy! 🤘
2022-10-24 16_47_57-VaM.jpg
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Latest reviews

great experince
Thank you so much for reviewing my scene!
Thank you very much for adding the disable the lighting mode it really helps someone like me on the low end side. anyway this is one of the best scene I've seen here thanks again for sharing your work!
You're very welcome! Thank you so much for the review!
Looks great! VAMLaunch isn't working on my end. Couldn't find to which atom it was attached as well
Thank you for the 5 star review, but I don't think I've earned it just yet! I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is. I can't post screenshots here, but I'll tag you in a post in the discussion section on how to fix it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
This is just the best
Thank you! I appreciate the 5 star review very much!
For me this scene is now, with version 5.2, worth a 5/5 rating.

It was not before, let me explain why:

I would have not rated it good in the early versions (So I did not rate at all), simply because technically it was a mess. Primary reason being the bad dependencies. I also run into the problem that it did not run properly in edit mode which is now fixed.
I think doing quality control by testing the scene in a clean VAM-installation before uploading would have helped to catch many problems. Considering that thousand of people download this and potentially run into issues or download unnecessary dependencies, messing up their VAM-installation, that's very bad and always a big red flag for me.

Now I hope I do not come across like an asshole for being very critical. The scene itself is indeed very well animated. Unlike other creators who have scenes on the Hub with 100+ dependencies, completely broken because they lack the skills/knowledge to fix their mess, you (ascorad) fixed it over time and it became a "Must Have".

So at the end - Good work and Thank You!

I guess a reason why it's so popular, is because it combines a lot of elements that people like in VR:
-It's POV and has a good camera perspective for immersion.
-The animation is in sync to the music with eye candy effects.
-It's interactive allowing you control. (unlike watching 'fixed' mocap where some interaction is just lost)
Thank you for the review!

Your criticism is 100% valid and in no way makes you look like an asshole. I agree with every point you made. My first few uploads were really poorly optimized and that's on me for not doing enough research ahead of time. I read about how to create a var, but didn't bother looking into how to create a quality var. I was initially hesitant (or just too lazy) to create a separate clean install of VaM but I quickly learned how incredibly important that is to creating good content. I'm honestly a little embarrassed about how insane the dependencies were in the beginning (I think it was close to a hundred), and especially the situation I got myself into back when the updated var was dependent on a previous version of itself! But, in the end it turned into something that I'm really proud of and the criticism I received is THE reason why it turned out exponentially better. I couldn't have brought it to this point without the negative feedback in addition to the help that several other creators offered up in the discussion. In my opinion, if you're going to be a creator of anything, you shouldn't accept praise unless you're also willing to accepting criticism or even just plain negative feedback.

Thanks so much for the in-depth review. It's appreciated very much, and I'm truly humbled hearing it referred to as a "must have". It really means the world. Thank you!! :)
I love this scene. Sure, I switch the models out sometimes, but always end up going back to loading Haley. She is so freaking cute! Thank you for this awesome scene!
You're very welcome! Thanks so much for the kind review. It really means a lot to me :)
Excellent work!
Thank you very much!
she looks very happy!!
One of those scenes that must be seen in VR for the full experience
Thank you for the 5 star review!
This is the vest VAM scene I have ever found. Really well done.
I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for leaving a review!
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