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Requested Performance Improvement Added:

Someone reached out to me and asked if I could add a button to disable the light curtain effects, as they cause the scene to slow down on lower performance machines. I thought that was a pretty good idea, so I added it in. You can find it in the extras menu seen below.
2022-11-24 01_27_34-VaM.jpg

2022-11-24 01_25_16-VaM.jpg

A note on the OpenXXL Morph Slider:

OpenXXL is a penis morph that gets activated when the Auto Male Genital/Anus Morphs box is checked, see below for a screenshot.
2022-11-24 01_13_00-Zoomit Zoom Window.jpg
There appears to be a bug where, by default, VaM grabs the first morph with that name it sees, which could be from any addon package in your folder. To combat this and the issues that it causes, I've managed to remove it entirely from this version of the VAR because it can cause weird issues. In my scene for example, when switching from any pose to the front facing pose, it can cause a complete misalignment of the penis and it ends up in missing the vagina entirely. Once removed the issue never shows up. Without it removed it can happen as much as one out of every five times the scene runs. Make sure OpenXXL in your Active Male Morphs is not pointing to another addon package (pink border around the morph slider). In order to fully purge this incredibly annoying bug from your system, please delete or disable any previous versions of my scene, as they've all been seeing this intermittent issue. Any other scenes that it may default to are at your discretion whether you want to disable or not!

There's a few other little things I added in, like a moving background because I thought it would be aesthetically pleasing.

That's all for now. Hit me up in the discussion section if you have any questions or any suggestions for way I can improve the scene. And, as always, enjoy! 🤘
Minor Update:
  • Modified the VAMOverlays fix to run whether or not Auto Pose is enabled
  • Fixed penis clipping outside of vagina during reverse pose
  • Improved stroke and "aim" during finale
  • Fixed automatic male morphs not being checked (unchecked as a test and forgot to check it again before creating the var)
  • Some minor expression improvements (didn't remove anything, just added a few expression changes in some spots that I'd been meaning to for a while)
  • Re-enabled the popup text with the recommended performance instructions
  • Other very minor bug/animation fixes
2022-10-21 00_56_04n-VaM.jpg
Version 5.2 Now Available!

This version includes tweaks to improve performance but most importantly, I was finally able to resolve the VaMOverlays issue and now there's NO MORE HANGING WHITE SCREEN! I added a fade in trigger for VaMOverlays that will automatically resolve any white screen issues that you run into but the animation must be playing and auto pose must be enabled in order for it to fix itself. If you see a white screen while paused or at any other time, just resume the animation or leave it going and it will resolve itself within a maximum of 2.5 seconds!

Haley has been updated with some additional morph sliders (detailed info located here) and minor tweaks to her body for better looking penetration.

Dependencies have also been reduced a lot more. Special thanks to @coll69 for bringing the OpenXXL morph issue to my attention. Thanks friend! 🤘 Penetration is much less jittery now after finally getting rid of that morph issue!

My sincere appreciation also goes out to everyone who has liked and reviewed or even just downloaded. The criticism has been incredibly helpful as well as instrumental in getting this scene to a much better state than the first version, and I thank you for that!

And, as always, enjoy!🤘
2022-10-24 16_17_06-VaM.jpg
Hello everyone!
I hadn't planned on releasing another update so soon, however, I noticed that the SKIP TO END button was not working as intended because I missed a few important things. That has been fixed and is the main purpose of this update, but, I felt like I should toss in a few other things that I was planning for an update later down the road. So, I made these two changes also:

Haley's look has been updated slightly. It's entirely reversible, so no worries if you prefer the previous version. If you want to change her back, just look for the Haley Body Mod morph. That new slider adds better proportions to her legs and gens area, see below:

And, I organized the extras menu a little better so it's now a bit more logically laid out.
2022-10-25 09_47_54-VaM.jpg

That's all for now! Enjoy! 🤘
Good news everyone!
You no longer need any previous version of this scene. The dependencies on 4.8.3 has been fixed so I want to say first off, a big thank you to @final-reality for pointing out what I'd done wrong with previous update releases, and @RandomVAMUser for helping me sort out the root cause! I really appreciate the lesson :)

This update has a few new features. The menu UI has been updated and a few new buttons are available via the extras menu.

Changes/New Features
  • No more dependency on 4.8!
  • Slow motion toggle button for switching between full and 1/2 speed
  • Skip to the female orgasm from any point in the animation
  • Change the volume of the music without affecting the moan volume
  • Outfit buttons have been moved to the extras column
  • Custom Outfit button has been removed (assign custom outfits to the existing 0, 1, 2 buttons instead)
  • Haley's v5 look with more appropriate body size, new hairstyle, and better merged morphs
  • Reduction of the amount of dependencies
  • CUA accessories have been removed
  • Reduced scene to 2 outfits for simplicity and keeping dependencies down
Moving the outfit buttons gives the base UI an even smaller footprint, which is something that I personally prefer.
Extended animation for the "face back" position as promised
Enjoy! 🤘
Next update will not be eliminating the 4.8.3 version dependency as I had previously said. I tried to remove all traces but for some reason beyond a certain point it starts breaking completely unrelated parts of the animation and creates a lot of previously unseen issues. I spent a good deal of time tracking those down one by one and resolving them, only to have them break again further down the road after fixing something else. So, at this point I'm going to cut my losses on trying to remove that dependency. I'd rather have a scene that runs clean with one extra dependency than the buggy mess that I've ended up with trying to remove it. - Was able to fix this in Version 5 update after all. Version 4.8 is no longer a required dependency

Next update will feature a few new additions, such as the ability to change the music volume without affecting the moan audio, some expanded position movements when in the "face back" position (see below), Haley's new look (with updated hair, physics, body size improvement for VR, and some slight alterations to give her more realistic body proportions), among other things!


Enjoy! 🤘
Looks like the var file upload failed in my last update for some reason! Thanks VAMordecai for the heads up! Fixed now 🤘
Minor fixes:
  • Fixed CUA not loading in the correct positions.
  • Fixed gens expansion not resetting after loop
  • Fixed gens in-out movement flipping orientation
I also modified the initial position again, as it was causing some minor penetration jank
2022-10-16 00_26_06-VaM.jpg
Hello all,

This release should resolve the issue with the screen sometimes fading out to white and not fading back in. I was using two different instances of VaM Overlays and it appears to have been the root cause. I wasn't able to reproduce it once in about twenty playthroughs on a clean install of VaM after making the changes, but please let me know if you still run into this issue and I will dig further into it.

This release features a new starting position. I felt that the previous "side saddle" position looked too similar to the side standing position, so I changed it to something else :)

Some additional features have been added:

There is now a text popup that displays the recommended settings as requested by a user. You can click the message to disable it and it won't come back for the rest of the playthrough.

The menu has also been updated to include some other feature requests. I wanted to keep the menu as minimal as possible, so I created a single button labeled EXTRAS that opens up a second column of options that you can choose from. This includes a button to turn chroma, VAMLaunch, the lyrics banner, and custom outfits on or off as well as the option for two different types of lighting. Click the button again to hide the second column.

I also decided to remove some of the assets in the default outfit due to the very long load times required. This dramatically speeds up the time the scene takes to load, so it felt like a worthy sacrifice. - All CUA accessories have been removed in Version 5 and higher due to long load times and very long dependencies list

If you run into any issues or if you just have an idea for something you'd like added to the scene don't hesitate to reach out in the discussion section. I try to respond to requests and suggestions as soon as I can. Thanks for downloading! 🤘
  • Flinching/twitching animation during finale is now timed with shots correctly
  • Reduced girl head audio volume for breathing after orgasm
  • Set many atoms to hidden to make various selections easier
  • Fixed jaw/mouth morph jitter during parts of the animation
  • Reduced penis collision jitter during penetration
  • Sclera shadow hard edges were showing when glasses removed
  • Eyelid overlap when eyes closed
  • Render queue on fishnets loading incorrectly
  • Collared shirt clipping through breasts at position change
  • Any issues you may have run into with the previous version have been resolved and confirmed on a clean install of VaM
If you run into any issues with morphs that throw Timeline errors, you can grab cotyounoyume's fantastic plugin that contains them from https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/expressionblushingandtears.282/ - Now included in Versions 4.10 or higher

Thanks for downloading 🤘
2022-10-08 14_18_07-VaM.jpg
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