Scenes GTSn°1 0.9.8

-Update#1 :

So, i take out the E-motion plugins that was only use for eye targeting but was really impactful on perf to change it with the knew Acidbubble Glance plugins that is juste wonderful !

-next updates :

- a complete overhault and rebuild of all animations and morphs to get something more lifelike

- the last update will be on trying to put sync song that match the animation but Gosh this look painful ( if anyone wanna give a hand o_O )

so big Thanks to Acidbubbles for that knew MustHave plugins :

( You could normaly delet the older one .var as nothing inside is needed )

-Hi everyone, glad to share my first scene here, a simple giantess scene...

The scene is far from being perfect as i'm still learning, so improvement will come but here is a peak on what i plan to do in Vam

Any tips,returns or advices will be gladly accept :)

Big Thanks to :

-AcidBubbles for timeline/passenger/improvedPov plugins :

-VRAdultFun for emotion plugins :

-Epi.noah for lighting rig :

-SCAMP for the male looks :

-Skippys for cum clothing:

-Kemenate :

Thanks to :

CUTESVETLANA for amazing skybox
Mofme for the fluids CUA
TenStrips for morphs
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  1. Update#1

    So, i take out the E-motion plugins that was only use for eye targeting but was really impactful...

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This is amazing work. The best giantess scene I've seen.
Thx , glad you enjoyed :)
Solidly "my fetish," and does a great job with it. Animation is very smooth, and quality of life things like automatically scaling loaded look presets (how do you do that?) a much appreciated. Very excited to see what this contributor does in the future!
Thx for your review, much appreciate !
The auto scale come from an old and lost plugins call " Scalereceiver " can't remeber where i grab it and can't find who did it... but you can extract it from the package if you wanna use it :)
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