Scenes GTSn°1 1.3

GTSn°1 Final release

4 different animations pattern :
- Intro
Intro and Kissing will lead to the Handjob animation, blowjob need to be triggered with button
Reset at any moment

Basicaly kept the set up and rebuild all animations and morphs , added some song and optimize a few things...

Give it a try

Any advices and return are welcome

If you got low FPS :

- not use the POV Button and just set your camera where you want to be
-turn off Sim Hairs physics
-turn off the SKYBOX CUA

If you are really stuck low fps :

- increase the Timeline global speed by the triggers " SETGENERALSPEED1 " and " SETGENERALSPEED2 " located on the RESET button,
do not increase over 1.5 on my tought.



When back on VAM after a quick nap and lauched the scene in VR just realize there is a wrong keyframe on the Girl's head in timeline, just before the blowjob sequence that cause the scene to crash in VR ‼
I'm pretty sure i didn't ucheck the girl's head target in timeline when finalizing the triggers on the last update, a wrong move and some wrong keyframe slept in.

i really apologize to everyone for so many update in one day, i was working on that from 20 hours straight, was a bit tired and i didn't retest in Vr the last save i've shared as it was running fine on desktop.

This time, after a good night i put on the last update on that scene i swear :rolleyes:, have tested it from 1 hours now, Vr and desktop and everythings runs fine.
I will be more careful on the nexts scenes uploads.
Always taste your food before serving to someone else, lesson learned !

Apologize again !! 🙏
If you have any issues hit me up here or on the discord !

Big thanks to :

-AcidBubbles for timeline/passenger/improvedPov/Glance plugins :[/URL]

-Dub for AudioMate Plugins[/URL]

-Epi.noah for lighting rig :

-SCAMP for the male looks :

-Skippys for cum clothing:

-Kemenate :

Thanks to :

50s for cum clothing
CUTESVETLANA for amazing skybox
Mofme for the fluids CUA
First release
Last update
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  1. Apologize again !

    Sooooo When back on VAM after a quick nap and lauched the scene in VR just realize there is a...
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    GTSn°1 Final release Basicaly kept the set up and rebuild all animations and morphs , added...

Latest reviews

One of the best giantess scenes I've seen. Simple but intimate and completely immersive.
Thx for the review , glad you enjoyed :)
Incredible experience, it feels soooo real I loved every second of it
Thx, glad you enjoyed !
Next one is on the workbench !
terrifying, loved every second of it
Thx Doc :)
This is amazing work. The best giantess scene I've seen.
Thx , glad you enjoyed :)
Solidly "my fetish," and does a great job with it. Animation is very smooth, and quality of life things like automatically scaling loaded look presets (how do you do that?) a much appreciated. Very excited to see what this contributor does in the future!
Thx for your review, much appreciate !
The auto scale come from an old and lost plugins call " Scalereceiver " can't remeber where i grab it and can't find who did it... but you can extract it from the package if you wanna use it :)
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