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I created a demo that showcases the ability of VAM (pre v 2.0) to achieve self guided walking! It's a proof of concept. I exploited a feature of the new built-in person animator, the rotation speed adjustment. I found it difficult to navigate (myself) and control the model simultaneously, so I thought of a way for the model to guide itself using colliders!


As mentioned above, I started with colliders to adjust the rotation speed adjustment in the built-in person animator playing a walk animation loop. There's more under the hood utilizing JayJayWon's VUML and Action Grouper plugins as well as MacGruber's Logic bricks Delay plugin which allowed me to constrain trigger behavior in such a way as too produce smoother, more consistent adjustments in direction.

Potential improvements:

One could envision setting a target instead of defining a ridged animation path and the character will find it's way to that target! It will try to find the straightest path to the target, avoiding obstacles along the way. (NOTE: this is not possible in this particular demo)

Future Potential:

This shows great potential for other aspects of automation.

This is only the beginning! :)

Something like this would be perfect for other "Autonomic" responses that are predictable and therefore should be easy to automate!

Such as:
  • Startle response to Sound (directional)
  • Startle response to touch (multi-zone skin colliders) (ex: slap on the tush)
  • Startle response to unexpected object in field of view (also directional)


Feel free to make adjustments to the VUML algorithm I setup to get better movement. Better yet, if you can turn this into a standalone plugin, that would be fantastic!

A Huge thanks to the following brilliant People who's innovation helped make this project possible:

Please Support me on Patreon if you like this project and would like to see more like this in the future!

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dude holy shit thats clever , poking around ive even noticed you can guide the puppet by holding the eye target . any way this has crazy potential
Nice work. this is very new. and can developed in future, thanks for laying ground. its just my scene doesn't loads and paused due to audio. can move past that . any clue?
Try restarting VaM and reload the scene. Let me know if that resolves the issue. I suspect it might have something to do with SubScene.
Very creative! Thank you for the POC!
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