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A better model presenter! Turntable with options for manual or automatic turning. There is also a panel with various animations and poses to try with the model. Breast/ Glute physics presets are included for adjustment according to model type. There is also a custom idle movement setup with adjustable movement range!

My intention was to add a toggle for clothing; buttons for browser appearance and pose; automatic height adjustment. This however requires better coding skills than I posses currently!

You can save this scene in your main scene folder and change the name to default if you want to go straight to it to preview new models! Also, you can make the "[Camera Rig]" the parent of the UI panel so it follows you as you move. Useful in VR!

Credits :
MeshedVR, Spacedog, AcidBubbles, hazmhox, FallenDancer, SupaRioAmateur, rernat, Roac, JayJayWon, MacGruber, VamXFan, Blazedust, Ruuk, KdollMASTA,,,
Music: Dan Brasco
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Great Work!
Thank you.
It's nice but wouldn't it be more useful if such scene had as little dependencies as possible?
Very pro! Looks great and works great. Thanks for sharing.
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