Easy Gaze - Finger and Kiss Motion

Plugins Easy Gaze - Finger and Kiss Motion 2020-08-14

This is a simple plugin collection for controlling gaze, finger and face movements. You can mix and match plugins so if you just want gaze then just load that plugin, or with Kiss and Finger Motion you can have multiple plugins of the same type to make more advanced motions. Included are 2 demo Scenes that demonstrate the key concepts.


Easy Gaze - Load the plugin on a person and they will look at you! You can also set them to look at their eye target instead and adjust offsets and apply random movement to make if feel more natural.

Finger motion- Load the plugin for the left or right hand on a person and add an atom to your scene for to be the target. This could be anything but an Empty atom is best. Select your Empty atom as the target in the plugin menu and move some sliders for the finger controls. When the target is in range of the fingers they will move according to the slider settings. It is a simple system but incredibly versatile, allowing very subtle effects.

Kiss Motion - This works exactly the same as Finger Motion but for mouth and eye movements.
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  1. Easy Gaze update

    Several fixes for Easy Gaze make it much more robust whatever the circumstance or orientation...

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This is my favorite gaze plugin, because it' so good!
Very cool and even scary sometimes :D
Scary? I guess it depends how you use it :)
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