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Act Randomizer is a plugin that allows you to randomize many different actions in VAM. It could be used to randomly play different animation patterns, different audio sounds, trigger different plugin actions or set different atom states. For example it could be setup as an Audio Juke box that randomly plays different music or it could randomly change the clothing states of a person atom. Each randomized Act consists of a starting action followed by an ending action after a configurable delay. The main features are:
  • Play a single random Act or loop through multiple random Acts
  • Specify a time gap between each Act
  • Prevent Acts from repeating too often
  • Configurable probability weighting for each Act
  • Supports playing Random Acts on Collision trigger events (or any other Trigger event)
  • Bulk create Acts for all loaded Scene Audio
  • Bulk create Speak acts from the Lip Sync Plugin by u/ActualReplacement (this can be used to allow a person to speak random lip synced phrases)
  • Option to automatically start on Scene Load
  • Support for many different types of Action, including setting colours, float values and URLs (e.g. texture files) as well as the previously supported audio files, booleans etc.
  • Introduces "Receiver Groups" for Person atoms, allowing easier navigation through the large number of receiver options in a person Atom
  • Support the same special actions (under Person>Other) available in Action Grouper, so that you can now Randomize the following actions:
    • Load Looks, Poses and all types of Presets.
    • Merge Load Clothing Presets
    • Reset Sim on all clothing items (or just those in a clothing preset)
    • Enable or Disable Undress for all clothing items (or just those in a clothing preset)
    • Accessible under Person>Other>Load Look/Pose/Preset and Person>Other>Dress/Undress Clothing
  • Configure a single global Pre-Action or Post-Action which will execute before or after each Random Act.
  • Import Acts from other scenes
  • Bulk load from a folder to create a random slide show on an Image Panel.
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Very versatile and useful plugin. You can randomize almost anything from person to image panel (for example to have a random slide show). I mostly use it for randomly changing poses and appearance. Thank you!
Really surprised this doesn't have a review yet. I use this plugin a lot and it's crucial for creating scenes that don't feel too repetitive or predictable. Possibilities are pretty much endless!
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