1. M1NAai

    Looks - First Look 1

    In Episode 007 of, she is dosed and ends up in a world she's never seen before. She is confused and trying to understand what just happened to her. She sees herself floating in space and begins having other trippy moments in Episode 008. She is still going through her metamorphosis stage...
  2. atani

    Alert when uploading a VAR with more than X dependencies

    There's many resources in the Hub that are poorly packaged, bringing in countless dependencies needlessly. This snowballs quickly and one of the most common issues shared is on how to manage the enormous amount of stuff that quickly accumulates in people's disks and hinders VaM performance...
  3. hazmhox

    Guides A guide to updating vars and plugins

    Intro VaM helps you to easily download and use content from the hub. But it hardly helps you to understand how to update your scenes properly when you are a creator. This issue has been discussed several times about different plugins in the forums, discussions or discord, but has never been...
  4. hazmhox

    Guides A guide to var textures optimization

    Intro VaM is hard, yeah. Creating content requires a lot of time to understand all the complex mechanics of the game. And optimization is something even harder because it's not the really fun part of the production of any type of content for VaM. But I think that any type of optimization...
  5. C

    Question Simple way to export a Look as a .var?

    I've been creating several of my own Looks and would like to export them so I can add them to an install of VaM I have on another computer. This seems like a simple thing to do but I can't find instructions anywhere. I did find the How to create a VAR file tutorial but I think it's missing some...
  6. R

    Vars Suddenly Missing in Game Despite Being in Folder

    Hey all, Title says it all. I'm missing a ton of vars that I had working only a day ago. I'm trying to find what they all have in common and what's changed and there's only a few things I can guess at: 1) I added a bunch of content and am not sure if I've hit a "limit" of some sort 2) All of...
  7. C

    Question How to convert old loose files in to .var package?

    Hi! There is some old content distributed across internet as simple RAR archive with folders Custom and Saves, how to pack these loose files in to modern .var package?
  8. P

    Trace "preload" morph back to original VAR

    I know there are various methods to prevent morphs from being preloaded from a .var as permanent morphs in the morph list - but is there a way to discover/traceback what var is causing a morph to appear in your morph list? I searched the forums assuming this question has been asked before -...
  9. Teapot

    Assets BDSM Asset Pack V1.0

    A small collection of BDSM assets intended for use with my BDSM room. (Or anywhere really, I'm not a cop!) The package contains - Leather Chesterfield Chair (By "Vitaliy Marusev" From sketchfab, Retextured by myself)) Steel Cage Steel Collar Steel Cuffs Steel Spreader Cuffs I have many more...
  10. Teapot

    Assets Simple BDSM Room v1.0

    The two main rooms are 4x4 meters in size. (2.4m in height) The first room has a mirror included with the scene file (as well as some VERY basic lighting) The second room with a platform intended to host an upcoming BDSM furniture pack. This is my first asset for VAM! Please rate and leave a...
  11. C

    Other Daz To Var 2 Beta 3

    VAM Only supports Daz Genesis 2 Figures and this tool will only work properly with Genesis 2 figures. Version 2 no longer requires the user to have .NET 6 installed. All needed files are packaged into the Daz to VAR 2.exe This makes the exe much larger but simplifies running it as a user. This...
  12. K

    Deleting older VAR versions

    Hi Is there a tool or a batch (power-shell) script or Total Commander plug-in that would automatically delete all older versions of a VAR package in a specified folder, and leave the latest version? For example, there are following packages in a folder: KajaGoo.BestSceneEver.1.var...
  13. Gwandak

    Question Dress/Undress button?

    So I have an older version of VAM that I use Easy-mate IV on and it came with these buttons on the side that allow for you to allow sim clothing to undress, completely undress all clothing, and then redress. I have tried searching around the forums for that specific UI mod, but I just can't seem...
  14. ZRSX

    Guides How to package like a pro: a guide on proper VAR building

    Intro There is a recurring issue with VAR packaging. No one's to blame, really, as there is no guide on how to make a "good" VAR package. I'll try to remedy to that. In short, this guide is for you: If you’re about to post a resource starting by “I don’t know why I’ve got so many dependencies...
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