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Official Upcoming changes to Paid content submission procedure.


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Hello Everyone, especially our Paid Content Creators!

We wanted to let you know about a feature we will be implementing in the near future regarding Paid content.

We have in the works a change in our resource submission form where you will be required to submit your Var file for a health check scan.

To be clear, we understand that this is your proprietary content and we will not be hosting it on the hub or keeping copies of your var file itself. Your uploaded file(s) will be permanently removed from our system after the scan. We will not be hosting or keeping copies of your proprietary content.

When you post your advertisement on VaMHuB you will be asked to submit your var for a health check scan. Then you will receive the results of the scan for you to verify for yourself that your content does not include NC dependencies and meets the standards of our site policies regarding the use of dependencies in Paid content. This is exactly the same process that happens with every Free Var uploaded to the hub. The difference being, we will not be hosting your Var or keeping a copy of it on our servers, we will only keep a record of the var scan results.

If your Paid resource is not intended to be loaded into VaM (for example, if it is a guide, media item, or external application) you will not be required to attach any files.

If your resource is intended for VaM (for example, a scene, look, clothing item, plugin, or asset, etc) then you will be required to properly package your content in .var format using the Package Builder and submit the file for scan when you create or update your Paid resource.

Uploading and scanning of your .var files for Paid categories is not optional, it will be required. You will also be required to acknowledge the following:

1. My resource does not contain any content that violates Hub site policies or terms.
2. I have permission to use all assets and dependencies that are part of my resource, including any content used in videos, screenshots or marketing in my resource description.
3. I have packaged my resource properly in .var format using the Package Builder
4. If my resource requires dependencies and I am hosting those dependencies through my pay site as separate downloads, I have received permission from the original creators to do so.
5. The .var file I am attaching to this form is identical to the version offered on my pay site. If I modify or update my .var, I will update my resource on the Hub and attach the new file to the update form. I further understand that as per Hub policies, I can only add or update 3 paid resources per week.

This feature has not been implemented yet. We wanted to give you notice that this is in the works and is planned to be implemented within the next week or two. We want to hear from you and address any questions or concerns you may have before it goes live.

We do greatly appreciate what you as Paid Content creators bring to our community. We have a deep respect for you and want to continue to give you an environment where you feel safe, secure and protected against piracy and the unauthorized use of your proprietary content. This new feature is intended as a safeguard, not as a restriction. The changes we are making to your submission process is to bring them in line with what we already require for all Free Content submissions.

Please leave your questions, comments or concerns in this thread.

Thank you for your time and continued efforts to make VaM what it is today.
VaMDeV and the VaMHuB Administration Team.


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