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Official Introducing the "Var Health Report" feature.

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Hello Everyone!

The "Var Health Report" has gone live and we wanted to give you a brief rundown of its features.

When you attach a VAR file in the “Add a Resource” form, or the “Update Version” form, a report will be generated automatically detailing your package’s dependencies and whether or not your resource will receive the “Hub Hosted” tag once your file is published live. This report also includes any credits for the authors of dependencies used within your var. These credits will be automatically generated. Appearing below your resource description when viewing your resource on the Hub with links to the credited author and their resource dependency. *Automatically-generated credits are required and cannot be edited or removed. You can also add more credits manually with the “Add Credits” button. The authors of your dependencies will receive notifications about your resource once it goes live. If you have added a manual credit to an author on the Hub, they will receive a notification about that too!

If your dependency is not on the Hub, but the author is, the credits will automatically link to the author’s profile. If the CC license of a dependency has recently changed, that change will be reflected in the report (i.e. instead of showing “CC BY-NC” it might show “CC BY-NC -> CC BY” indicating a license change) The report will show the specific version of a dependency that is required by your resource. If the version that is available on the Hub is different, that will be reflected in the “Hosted Version” column. Dependencies that are built-in as default resources in VaM will show as “included”.

Having your file be hosted on our site is ideal. It means that your work is immediately accessible and viewable within VaM without having to look for assets that are being hosted elsewhere. The "Var Health Report" will present a detailed list of dependencies that are “not on hub” allowing you to remove those morphs, clothing items, textures, or other assets from your scene before saving the scene and building a new version in the package manager.

Even without the "hub Hosted" tag you can still submit your resource, but not all of the dependencies will be available for users to download and so your scene may not load correctly. Your resource will also appear less prominently in search results.

We hope you find this new feature helpful and p[lease feel free to reach out to us on our official forums here on the hub if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

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