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var files

  1. Buns

    morphs not added to .var

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue where morphs I use from other .var files are not being referenced in my .var. I'm new to posting and didn't know if there is something I'm missing. specifically I'm using Tongue+LowerJawOpen morph from Syrinxo's morph pack...
  2. VAR Files Organizer

    Other VAR Files Organizer 1.0

    What does it do? It will move your VAR packages from the AddonPackages directory into folders according to the author name, e.g., JigglyPoof.jiggly_action.1.var will be moved into AddonPackages\JigglyPoof\. If it sees that the VAR already exists in the folder named after the author, it won't...
  3. VaMDeV

    Official Upcoming changes to Paid content submission procedure.

    Hello Everyone, especially our Paid Content Creators! We wanted to let you know about a feature we will be implementing in the near future regarding Paid content. We have in the works a change in our resource submission form where you will be required to submit your Var file for a health check...
  4. VAR Inspector

    Other VAR Inspector 3.4

    VAR INSPECTOR CC-BY-NC-ND What is it: Var Inspector is a desktop application written in Python which will scan the save files and presets in your var and tell you where the dependencies are located How does it work: Var Inspector creates a temporary folder, unzips your var, then iterates...
  5. VaMDeV

    Official Introducing the "Var Health Report" feature.

    Hello Everyone! The "Var Health Report" has gone live and we wanted to give you a brief rundown of its features. When you attach a VAR file in the “Add a Resource” form, or the “Update Version” form, a report will be generated automatically detailing your package’s dependencies and whether or...
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