Official New Hub Enhancement - Hub-Hosted VAR tag


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To get this tag, your resource must meet the following criteria:

  1. One or more of the uploaded files in the current version of your resource must be a VAR file.
  2. All of the VAR dependencies in all the VAR files in your current version of the resource must also be hosted on the Hub.
This is to indicate to users that your resource is easy to get, and in upcoming 1.20.1 version of VaM will also a much more seamless download experience. We encourage all creators to start uploading their VAR files directly on the Hub, and use the new promotional link field to point to your external page, if desired.

We are also working on a Hub enhancement where all of your VAR dependencies will be listed on your resource page, with links to each depdendent resource and the download for them automatically. This will only work if those VARs are hosted on the Hub. VARs that could not be found will also be listed, but won't have links.

If you have an existing resource you want to convert to Hub hosted, here is how:
  1. Go to the Overview page for the resource.
  2. Click the 3-dots menu at top right.
  3. Click 'Edit Resource'
  4. In the 'Promotional Link' field put in the url you were using for the download page previously
  5. Click Save
  6. Now click the 3-dots menu at top right again.
  7. Click 'Change Resource Type'
  8. Click 'Uploaded Files'
  9. Click Attach Files and upload the var file
  10. Fill in the version number
  11. Click 'Save'
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