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Official New Hub Features - 05/2024


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Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce several recent upgrades to the VaM Hub website, many of which came directly from member suggestions and feedback.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank 🙏 ❤️:
@Shadow Venom

...and many others who helped by offering suggestions or making bug reports. As always, we invite you to join us in our #vamhub-feedback channel on Discord to share with us your comments and concerns.

New Hub Features

1. Extended Resource Info

You may have noticed the resource lists contain a little extra information recently. We have added Dependency Count, Package Count, and Total File Size to the list of stats. The download button on the Resource Overview page now also shows the download file size. Note: 0MB = less than 1MB in some cases.


1. Conversation Edit History + Search

You now have the ability to edit conversations in your DMs on the Hub, as well as to view message edit history. No more sending multiple messages because of typos. Just remember, if you're editing a message you sent a while ago it's always good etiquette to let the recipient know you've changed something.

Additionally, we have added the ability to search for specific conversations. When you are in the "show all conversations" screen, just click the search box and select "conversations".
Note: Neither moderators nor other Hub members can view your private conversations on the Hub -- only your own conversations will show up in search.


2. Search Filters

For another exciting search related feature, we have added additional filters to the resource lists. These filters are available both when viewing categories, as well as when viewing resources on a member's profile page.


- Creator Filters:

You could already search by "Posted By" before, but now you can search by "Created By". Not everyone uses the same username on the Hub as they do when creating their VAR packages.

The name at the beginning of a VAR filename is the "Creator" name; i.e. MyName.MyScene.1.var.

If you have a VAR in your addonpackages folder and you don't know where it is on the Hub, try searching for the "Created By" creator name.


- License Filters

Filter by multiple license types. Just highlight the licenses you would like to include in the filter.

Use by ctrl-click or shift-click to select multiple.

Pro Tip: To hunt for licensed content that can be used in your paid content releases, try filtering by FC, CC BY, CC BY-SA, and CC BY-ND.


- Additional Filters

Featured: Only featured resources will appear in the results

Hub-Hosted: Only resources whose dependencies are all available for download on the Hub will appear

Followed: Show only resources by creators that you have followed

Watched: Show only your watched resources (Note: Downloading a resource automatically puts it in your "Watch" list)

3. Scheduled Release + Extended Draft

You can now schedule your resources to go live on a specified day, or save your resource as a draft copy indefinitely. No more keeping browser windows open with your draft for days hoping that your PC doesn't restart in the middle of the night :eek:

This also opens up the opportunity to collaborate on the resource description with your resource Team Members by saving as a draft and letting everyone edit the resource before it goes live.

Here's how it's done:

When saving your resource, you will now be given some options:

1. Post Immediately - this publishes the resource immediately as-is. Keep in mind your resource may still have to go through the moderator approval process in certain circumstances.

2. Scheduled Release - set a future date for the resource to be automatically published. Again, plan ahead if you know your resources tend to need moderator approval.

3. Save as draft - A draft resource can be saved indefinitely, and will not be visible to other users until it is changed to "post immediately" by editing your resource.


To schedule a future date, select "Scheduled Release". You can either enter a date in the date field (the m/y/d format will depend on your browser's region settings). Or you can click the Calendar icon to select a date with a simple click.

All resources will be published at 00:00 UTC on the scheduled date.

Note: If your resources tend to require moderator approval, be sure to set your release date a couple days in advance to give time for that process to complete.


To save as a draft, just select "Save as draft" when in the "add a resource" form.

You will still be able to see and edit your resource by visiting your resources tab on your profile page.

It will appear slightly greyed out to indicate a draft, but otherwise you should be able to see how it will look once it is published.

To immediately publish a Scheduled or Draft resource, just go to "edit resource" and change the Scheduled option to "Post Immediately".


4. Badges

We are very excited to announce the beginning of the gamification of the Hub in the form of our newest feature, Member Badges!

Badges are similar to achievements on gaming platforms like Steam. Some badges are awarded automatically when completing certain milestones, and others are awarded manually as prizes for events, special recognition, or staff picks.

Here are some examples of milestones you can complete to earn a badge:
- Submit 5 resources
- Give 5 reactions
- Post 10 messages
- Solve a Q&A forum question


Badges will display on your profile header, and will be listed on the Member stats page of the Hub.


To customize which badges appear on your profile header, click on the "Badges" tab on your profile page, and select the "feature" icon next to the badge.

Badge order cannot be changed, and will be displayed in the order they were awarded.

For a list of all available badges, check our help section.

We will be expanding the list throughout the year, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions for new and creative Member Badges!


The Verified Creator badge will be awarded to those creators who release quality Free content and do not have a history of policy violations. Special Badges like these may come with member perks as we roll out additional badges and features.

That's all for now! Thank you for being a valuable member of VaMHub. 💕

~The VaMHub Admin Team


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