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All you need for VR is this and a kidney to sell for a new Desktop.


Check the instructions below for a quick and frustration free installation.
Check epiCreator detailed guide for creators if you would like to remix your scene packs using this.

No RT, no post-processing. Exactly as in VR.


This scene pack is designed with room-scale VR in mind. The action happens in the center of the room so that you can walk around it as if you were at a museum exhibit.

You can control it all with an in-scene tablet. In VR, this adds a watch to your VR hand to call a tablet to your hand. In desktop and VR, the tablet lets you control the model, the weight, height, and daintiness of the model, the skin, the hair, the clothing, the pose, the room, the lighting rig, the global lighting, the brightness, the action, the speed, the effects, the camera... Customize her in the first scene and she will stay the same for the rest of it (unless you change her). The goal is immersion and presence. Remixed scenes are included as proof of concept.

It's the culmination of lots of work from many people in the community. It's free. Its dependencies are all hub hosted and free. It can be used with free scenes. With paid scenes, you would have to strip out everything that has an NC license and customize with what you have instead.

It showcases and uses all this content:
epiLight (Lighting Rigs)
Mr. C
Mr. Dummy
Mr. E
Mr. F
Nora Strap-On
Zana Strap-On
Tara Strap-On
Kelly Futa Demon
Suki Futa Jinn

  • epiCreator. Customize and save the look, and check with idle animation and different poses.
  • epi_01. Check if the glute and breast physics look right with animations and when they shake.
  • epi_02. Check if everything fits well together with advanced animation.
  • epi_03. Check if everything still looks right during intercourse.
  • epi_04. Check the look and clothing up close for details.
  • epi_05. Check the breast physics in detail (for science).
Or simply enjoy the experience.


If you need to start creating with something that is lighter on loading times, dependencies and memory footprint, try epiCreatorLite .

This full version takes a long time to load. Longer the first time until the game caches the assets but still long the second time. It has many dependencies to be downloaded before the first run. And you need a beefy machine to run it at max settings in VR. Even at low settings, you need plenty of memory. It's here with uncompressed, high quality assets so that other creators can scale down and make something beautiful that loads even faster. But if you're a creator, you'll see the beauty in it, and you'll find something that you can use. If you're a user, I'm hoping that you'll appreciate the experience, especially if you have a beefy PC.



Two clicks and it's something else


Move the sliders to customize her to your liking.

I have personally spent a lot of time putting things together, but it is mostly content that the community has generated over the years. I do not take credit for any of those, nor do I imply any endorsement by the creators.

  • The intro scene is where she is your model, standing idle, moving around a little, and she can pose for you. Animation courtesy of ReignMocap (Idle for model creators - free animation).
  • The first scenario is where she is exercising and you pick the moves. Animation courtesy of Nial (Sporty babe) and MonsterShinkai (Glute Physics Tester).
  • The second scenario is based on KittyMocap 147 Lapdance 2.
  • The third is based on Julie standing doggy by xxxa.
  • The forth (small) scene is based on the intro of Intimate by AcidBubbles.
  • The fifth scene is based on the animation RM-WallBoundHands by ReignMocap.

Without their original scenes and the licenses they choose for their scenes (allowing me to remix), this package would not have been possible. Each scene presented an opportunity to showcase how this tablet + repositioning approach would work with different scenes built with different approaches and controls. Do yourself a favor and check the original scenes and more from the creators.

Poses come courtesy of A1X, Androinz, Chill_PopRun, figgybear, guru, jyy, klphgz, Luminestrial, MonsterShinkai, PetaZwega, Riddler, ROAC, SlamT, UJVAM, VirtAmateur, VRDollz.

Plugins, scripts, clothes, expressions, textures, morphs, hairs, other assets, and ideas are courtesy of AcidBubbles, Androinz, AshAuryn, Blazedust, ClockwiseSilver, CuteSvetlana, Damarmau, ddaamm, DJ, Electric Dreams, everlaster, FallenDancer, frief, geesp0t, hazmhox, Hunting-Succubus, ICannotDie, ivansx, Jackaroo, Jakuubz, JaxZoa, JoyBoy, kemenate, ky1001, Lasseur, LFE, MacGruber, MeshedVR, Miki, ModsCreator, MonsterShinkai, mopedlampe, MR, MrOrange, n00rp, Nobody, noheadnoleg, NoOC, NoStage3, OBO, OrangeGumi, paledriver, PetaZwega, QBase, Register, registro, Regulus, rernat, Roac, Saint66, Scamp, Spacedog, SPQR, Strelok, SupaRioAmateur, Syrinxo, TenStrip, TGC, TheScenes, TiSeb, ToumeiHitsuji, VaMChan, VamTastic, vamurai, VamXFan, VeeRifter, Vinput, VL_13, VRAdultFun, VRDollz, WeebU, xstatic, YameteOuji

For the looks in the scenes, a modified makeup from Alter3go, his help and his guidance for head morphs, my custom remix of REN's skins, modified tan lines by DJ,and sweat gloss maps by WeebU were valuable. For the body morphs, I have used ProjectCanyon Morph Merger between iterations, so I have not been able to keep track of every morph I have used but I am sure I have used some morphs from the greats such as Damarmau, ddaamm, Huz, KarmageddonVAM, KdollMasta, kemenate, Morphs_Mega_Pack, Spacedog, SupaRioAmateur, TenStrip, Vambo, VirtualREM, Wolverine333... Not to mention a lot of the morphs that come with VAM by default. Thankfully, all these people have been very generous to the community and the license on their morphs allows people to build upon them.


Download and install VaM. Download this package and the txt file that lists its dependencies, and place them in the AddonPackages folder under your VaM installation. Start VaM.
If it's your first time with VaM, you might have to accept a bunch of security options like access to the hub, and allowing plugins. Without these, the functionality of VaM is severely limited.
In the menu, go to File/ Open Package Manager / Scan Hub For Missing Packages / Missing Referenced Packages / Download All
Now you have all you need to run this, for free.

Optional but highly recommended:
Under User Preferences / VR2, pick Male 1 or 2 for VR hands, and turn collision on.
Under User Preferences / Performance, have soft body physics enabled.

Physics rate:
1. Set it to your refresh rate. Set the Physics Update Cap to 1 if your PC can keep up, 2 if it can't, 3 if it still can't.
2. Set it to 60Hz with the cap at 1.
Pick whichever works best for you out of the two.

To start: Open scene / epiCreator

When you click a button, wait long enough for VaM to load everything before you click it again. Otherwise you'll get an error that a SubScene was loaded when another one was still loading and things will stop working. Chill.

You can improve performance or quality by switching to a different lighting rig and/or a different room using the tablet.
If you customize her look, that will stay the same between scenes.




tablet tab4.jpg


If your computer has limited memory, exit and restart VaM to load the next scene manually instead of using the "Next" button.



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