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What it is
Look. Body and head morphs, and skin preset included.

Showcased in epiCreator (which is also free and comes with many scenes).

How to install
Download and install VaM. Download this package and the txt file that lists its dependencies, and place them in the AddonPackages folder under your VaM installation. Start VaM. In the menu, go to File/ Open Package Manager / Scan Hub For Missing Packages / Missing Referenced Packages / Download All
Now you have all you need to run this, for free.

How to use
This look is meant to be used by creators and users who are looking for natural-looking models with a high level of detail. Use the included presets to replace looks in existing scenes. Or build new scenes from scratch using these presets and body morphs.

Credits and Thanks
  • I have used ProjectCanyon Morph Merger between iterations, so I have not been able to keep track of every morph I have used but I am sure I have used some morphs from the greats such as Damarmau, ddaamm, Huz, KarmageddonVAM, KdollMasta, kemenate, Morphs_Mega_Pack, Spacedog, SupaRioAmateur, TenStrip, VirtualREM, Wolverine333... Not to mention a lot of the morphs that come with VAM by default. Thankfully, all these people have been very generous to the community and the license on their morphs allow people to build upon them.
  • Hunting Succubus (eye clothing)
  • Damarmau (muscle normals)
  • vamjfd (teeth and tongue textures)
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