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Look: Kelly. Requires my custom remix of Ren's skins, also free.
Showcased in epiCreator (which is also free and comes with many scenes).



What it is
Look. Body and head morphs, and hair presets are included.

How to install
Download and install VaM. Download this package and the txt file that lists its dependencies, and place them in the AddonPackages folder under your VaM installation. Start VaM. In the menu, go to File/ Open Package Manager / Scan Hub For Missing Packages / Missing Referenced Packages / Download All
Now you have all you need to run this, for free.

My custom remix of Ren's skins is necessary for the skin of the model. Hair, eye shadows, eye reflections, and many clothing items are also in the dependencies but if you are going to customize the look and add your own favorites, the look should work without downloading these.

How to use
This look is meant to be used by creators and users who are looking for natural looking models with a high level of detail. Use the included presets to replace looks in existing scenes. Or build new scenes from scratch using these presets and body morphs.

Credits and Thanks
  • Alter3go was very generous to let me use makeups of his, modified by me. He also helped and guided me with my head morphs.
  • My custom remix of REN's skins is used. Without the original textures, these models would not look the way they do now. I am grateful he gave me his permission.
  • I have used ProjectCanyon Morph Merger between iterations, so I have not been able to keep track of every morph I have used but I am sure I have used some morphs from the greats such as Damarmau, ddaamm, Huz, KarmageddonVAM, KdollMasta, kemenate, Morphs_Mega_Pack, Spacedog, SupaRioAmateur, TenStrip, Vambo, VirtualREM, Wolverine333... Not to mention a lot of the morphs that come with VAM by default. Thankfully, all these people have been very generous to the community and the license on their morphs allow people to build upon them.
My custom lighting rig, my custom ReShade Preset and my custom remix of Ren's skins were used for the screenshots, as well as the Female Body Smoother Tessellation plugin.
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First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

More resources from epi.noah

Latest updates

  1. New hair preset added

    It’s a bit heavier on the system. Use it if it’s worth it for you. Otherwise, go with the other...
  2. New hair preset (which is the default now)

  3. scene updated

    The presentation now follows this template: Ms. Dummy Scene designed to let the user further...

Latest reviews

This one is so good I use the breast and glute physics from this model on every other model I use because it's so realistic (for the body proportions that I like)
Thanks man :)
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Loaded an Epi girl yesterday and was astounded by the high quality look of everything in the scene, especially the girl and her look and shape - no small detail escapes the Epi man. Thanks so much for all these talented unforgettable releases, Epi!
Thanks man!. It's all thanks to the greats that came before me. Alter3go, RenVR and everyone in the credits. They did 97% of the work, I did the remaining 3% by putting in 97% of my time in (because it takes me 10 minutes to do what they'd do in 1)
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I still haven't tried this but i'm sure that this will have the same quality of your Epi.Mona look. So... my rating is the same: Just marvelous.
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You know I was wainting for her! :)
Great work! Thx for sharing
Thanks man :) Enjoy!
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Wow Thanks. Very nice Work
Thank you!
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