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For most of those plugins, you may want to use VaM's default session plugins presets to always auto-load them, especially ForceEditMode, ForwardUnityLogsToSceneLogs and OnSpawnAtom.


Allows you to navigate around VaM's gameobjects structure. Early version.

2020-11-08 13_45_41-Window.png


Automatically switches to edit mode whenever you open a scene​


Any error that would normally be hidden will be forwarded to VaM's log windows​


Prints the Unity object hierarchy of an atom. Useful for debugging.​


Disables collision and automatically select atoms when adding them to the scene.​
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    - New gameobject explorer (very simple version)

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GameObjectExplorer.cs is particularly awesome. Cant believe I didnt know about this tool before now!
Must have if you're coding in VAM. (thanks for the update Acid !)
Thanks for sharing these useful tools, they work well
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