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D-Girl (Futa/Female look)

Looks D-Girl (Futa/Female look) 4

D-Girl Promo 2.jpg

D-Girl Promo 3.jpg

Based on the first model/character I used when I started Vtubing, who I later gave her the name "D-Girl". I've recreated her in VaM, with some 'improvements', and now she's yours for whatever you wish!

Here is the credit role!:
@Jackaroo - Lips/Penis Normals
@urukyay - Supplemtary Colliders
@Hunting-Succubus - Eyeshadow/Reflections
@WeebUVR - Fishnet Stockings/Sleeves/Penis Morphs
@SupaRioAmateur - Oily Skin Geoshell
@Damarmau - Futa Muscle Normal Maps
@DasBoot - Makeup Decal
@VL_13 - Eyelashes
@VaMChan - Hair
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. D-Girl 4 (Re-Wrap + Matching clothes)

    I did a re-wrap of the character to cut down on the number of morphs and also to fix some...
  2. D-Girl 3.3 (MetaChat friendly version)

    I removed the supplementary colliders just in case that causes issues in MetaChat. Also added...
  3. D-Girl 3.2

    Removed Hunting-Succubus items and replaced with TKB items in order to stay Hub-Hosted.

Latest reviews

possible for a non futa version?
No, sorry.
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I bet she can ROCK my world :)
Hoping she will 😎
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Oh I LOVE her expression so much!! She looks like she could kick my ass. (I'd let her) Amazing work!!!
Thank you! 🖤
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