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Screenshot using the amazing asset by @Orange*Gumi - thanks for letting me show it!

NOTE: The asset shown in the screenshot is an example of what can be made with blend shapes; let me know if you make CUAs with blend shapes and I'll reference a few examples here!

Animate or configure Unity's blend shapes on objects with SkinnedMeshRenderer. Useful with Timeline or any other animation methods such as AnimationPattern!


Originally in Utilities, but it evolved into it's own plugin!

Once the plugin has been added to a CustomUnityAsset, you can control the blend shapes by using the UI or triggers. If you loaded the asset after loading the plugin, you can refresh the blend shapes in the plugin UI.

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Latest updates

  1. BlendShapes v1.0.1

    - Now works in subscenes

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game changer for hentai enthusiasts
It's great, I like it very much, I've been looking for something, but it's too difficult for a novice, can you send a scene to learn it, thank you very much,Because the animation doesn't move at all,
I'm a newbie to vam
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Indeed, this is only a plugin that makes Unity "morphs" available to VaM, but in itself it won't do anything. You need to have both an asset with blend shapes AND animations made with either Timeline or AnimationPattern in VaM for it to move! I'm sure we'll see some scenes using it in the future :)
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
I know I shouldn't but I'm kind of expecting animatable assets from you now ;)
Wow creative, complex, good looking and for the commmunity. Thanks!
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
All creativity and good-looking compliments should go to @ Orange*Gumi :D
This is the dopest thing I've seen for quiet a while now<3<3
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