DANMENZ(Penis and Vagina Animatable Asset)

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This is a beta version in the process of being created for technical studies.

DANMENZ is a perspective image of the vagina and penis used in Japanese hentai anime.

Thanks to Acid Bubbles for the BlendShapes script.

Load the CustomUnityAsset BlendShapes Controller into this CUA and animate it to match the Parson's animation using Timeline or AnimationPattern.
Don't forget to link it to the female atom's waist.

I know it's not easy to use and doesn't look good, so we plan to improve it.

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Looking forward to an updated easy to use version. Will support on patreon.
Amazing and great!Can you make full amime from empty vagina to full, with the plugin it would be perfect!HOPE you consider it, much appreciate.
Amazing and unique
at long last!
It's great, I like it very much, I've been looking for something, but it's too difficult for a novice, can you send a scene to learn it, thank you very much,Because the animation doesn't move at all,
I'm a newbie to vam
This is an AMAZING idea, and it looks great! Thanks for sharing <3
First of it's kind and looks great! I've been wanting a cross-section mod for VaM forever. Thank you for this!
Hey very nice work! Would it be possible to make more variants? like longer and thinner? since its not possible to scale it proberly in vam -_-
Really evil for you to not share the model.
that‘s what I want love you wonderful!!
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