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Want to nail that perfectly realistic or stylized boob behavior you have in your mind? This scene will make the process much simpler for you. Just keep your eyes on the Breast Physics tabs, and let the scenes built in animations give you feedback to your changes on the fly. Just load your own girl, and start playing/tweaking.

Recommended plugin for maximum effect: VeeRifter's "Breast Auto Gravity".

Credit goes to WeebUVR, Logan and everlaster for testing and feedback. And of course Acidbubbles for creating the timeline plugin.
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2

    Decided it was time for some improvements. * Adjusted position of buttons and sliders. *...
  2. Timeline 3.0 compatability update.

    It seems the timeline 3.0 release, broke this scene for some people. This update adresses this...

Latest reviews

Great scene for testing breast physics
I like it!

Maybe if there there was an unobtrusive way to include some of the other breast physics sliders into the scene UI that could improve on the functionality.

(Disclaimer: I don't know the limitation of VaM that might inhibit you from doing so)
Very nice and useful
one of those things (working and easy to adapt) we should not miss to load
This is way better than mouse/controller wiggling! You need to keep that wiggling power for better purposes.
Simple but very effective. I would say pretty essential if you're looking to see what VAM is capable of.

Special mention of the soft lighting. Makes the whole affair even sexier ;)

More of these please.
This is an absolutely magnificent Physics Simulator. Just perfect and probably going to be my go to scene to test Breast/Glutes Physics, as well as definitely my cloth simulation scene.
Live Example ( ) <-- Video
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