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Plugins BreastAutoGravity 2

Emulates the natural effect of gravity on the breasts.
Supports full 360 degree pitch and roll of the model.

------------ Without Plugin --------------------------------------With Plugin-------------------------

This version of the plugin uses built-in breast morphs that were only made available in VAM 1.20, plus one custom morph (which is included in the package). If you are still using an earlier version of VAM then you should continue use the previous version of the plugin which uses paid DAZ morphs.
First release
Last update
4.79 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest reviews

Insane awesome
Love, love, love this so much!
Has become an invaluable plugin for me.
Amazing plugin, and thanks for the 1.20 update!
Makes breasts act the way they should! Nice addon
no word
This plugin is good for posing, and for screenshots, but is absolutely unusable in VR. Adding this script alone drops 30 fps!
Suppose it depends on your rig, and your performance settings in VaM. I drop two or three frames max, but then I have an i9-9900K CPU and GTX 1080ti GPU.
Really good and it make the poses much more realistic. Too bad it was difficult to find some of those morphs.
There will be an update release soon which will not require any additional morphs.
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