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How to use Blender to sculpt.

Guides How to use Blender to sculpt.

I had to host this outside the virtamate hub, because the post contained too many pictures.

It should be fairly easy to follow along with. 40 pictures in total.

Here is the guide, and I hope it helps everyone to create their dream girls.

I find it much easier to achieve a good looking bodyshape, using the sculpting tools that Blender has. And I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

Hit me up on the Virt-a-Mate discord if you have questions, or just ask here. I got the same name in both places.

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Latest reviews

Amazing! Thank you so much for this dude! Worked like a charm!
Very useful. Open unlimited possibilities
I am excited that you simplified the process down to 54 steps. Thank you for real.
thank you
Excellent! Very clear and easy to follow instructions - with this guide making your own morphs is so easy and limited only by your imagination and skill!
I wondered how people did this. This is very educational for me. thanks! I luv the picture setup, it's easy to follow and go back to.
Thank you very much!
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