1. [!Not VAR file!] KF94 Type face mask [Blender File]

    Other [!Not VAR file!] KF94 Type face mask [Blender File] 2024-03-17

    I received an inquiry about KF94 type masks. Due to technical issue (my skill was not enough), I could not convert this correctly for VAM, so I decided to publish the original .blend file instead .var file. I would be happy if you would release this as Free Clothing when you create Clothing...
  2. N

    Question Retopology g2 in blender or maya

    How to make retopology in a blender, g2 character. Dynamesh in zbrush, performs poorly. Also, after skinning and rigging in a blender, during posing, body parts tear. Will retopology help in Maya, then transfer Low Poly to zbrush, and try to make a project there? Or are there other ways?
  3. E

    VAM export to blender rendering EEVEE/Cycles/Unity

    Detailed MMD Video Character:Dnaddr
  4. VirtualWishX

    Question Shadow Catcher Solution / Export to Blender ?

    From my understanding there is no actual solution to have Shadow Catcher in VAM yet. Is there a plugin or other way to export animated scene to Blender? In Blender it's a matter of few clicks, also rendering a VAM scene in Blender will be interesting! (but I'm not sure how) If there is also a...
  5. SmitOL

    Recreating Virt A Mate bone movement in Blender

    Hi everyone! I'm a huge fan of animating in Virt A Mate, and I'm truly captivated by the way the bones move and interact. It's something I'd love to replicate in Blender. Is it possible to set up something like the Physics Hold Position spring feature from Virt A Mate, but in Blender? For...
  6. Jack Spring

    Converted some scenes to Blender

    Converted some Virt-A-Mate animations to Blender 3.5.1 Co15 RR - by VAM_JOJO VAM_JOJO-Co15 RR.blend Making Love with Miss Lexy - by screwy Screwy-Making Love with Miss Lexy.blend Enjoying Evey - by ascorad Ascorad-Enjoying Evey-bj.blend Ascorad-Enjoying Evey-dp.blend...
  7. Y

    Question Importing a Blender model (.blend) as a Morph in Virt-a-Mate?

    Hello! Is there a way to import a .blend model as a morph for a virt-a-mate model (male or female) and what if it's a higher Genesis model than 2?
  8. T

    Question Creating smooth morphs that affect both main body and genital model.

    I've been making morphs for a while, but genital morphs eluded me. I've figured it out today, but sadly it did not fix my main reason for learning how to do it. If I want to create a morph that affects the area between the lower abdomen and pubic area, I get ugly geometry from the sudden stop...
  9. C

    Question I'm new, can you help me edit a FaceGen texture in an .obj file in Blender?

    I'm new to everything, Vam, Daz, Blender, Facegen. But I'm interested in creating characters in Vam in the near future. I created a character in FaceGen and then ran it in Vam, however the texture is not very accurate and I want to edit it. -My specific purpose is to see the .obj file that...
  10. Daz Generations Converter

    Other Daz Generations Converter 1.2.0

    This is a plugin for Blender 3.3 but should work on any 3.x version and 4.x version This is the 1.1 Release of a plugin that I have been working on for Daz Studio but might be useful for VAM as well. In Preparation for VAM 2.x and the need of Genesis 8 morphs, this Blender plugin that allows...
  11. B

    Can I use my own obj model in Vam?(sculpted in Blender)

    Hey guys, do you know if i can use the model i made in blender in Vam? or like Daz, i can firstly import the default Vam model to blender then export them to Vam like a morph? wait for your answer, many thanks
  12. Use Blender to Merge Male Gens Texture with Torso Texture for Futa

    Guides Use Blender to Merge Male Gens Texture with Torso Texture for Futa

    This guide was made with Blender 3.3 I use Linux so some screenshots may differ slightly, I Apologize for any confusion caused by this. But it shouldn't be any different. This assumes you already have Textures. If you want to convert a set of Female Textures to Male you should follow this guide...
  13. M

    Question .var to obj/fbx/blend

    Hii, im totaly new to this page but im super interessted in it! I want to ask, if there is a program where i can open the .var files? I actually used Blender and DAZ but sadly i dont know which program i can use to open a .var file. And second, if there is a program, how can i edit/save the file...
  14. How to create a simple tentacle-type bone animation with colliders (animated with IKCUA)

    Guides How to create a simple tentacle-type bone animation with colliders (animated with IKCUA) 0.2

    A pictured guide on how to create a simple tentacle like object in Blender, rig it and create a bogus t-pose animation clip, then add a collider and animator controller in Unity.
  15. DanVR

    Question Creating Assets for VAM without Unity?

    Hi All, I'm trying to learn how to create my own Assets for VAM. I can Model almost anything I can think of in Blender, that's the easy part (at least for me). I would like to try something simple first such as a Hat, Mask, Helmet or anything I can probably parent to a character's heads. Maybe...
  16. C

    Question CUA as hair with cloth physics! How?

    Hi! I'v created CUA hair using blender and Unity. And in Unity i am added a Cloth component to my hair object and in Unity it works as expected like a living hair with physics. But when i import that CUA to VAM it is static! How to do this proper? Or it's unposible?
  17. BlenderLikeOperarion Pro

    Plugins BlenderLikeOperarion Pro 2022-06-10
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    I am a game plug-in and tool development fanatic. I spent a lot of time and energy on this. My goal has always been to provide more possibilities for gamers! If you agree with my efforts, welcome to my Patreon and support me, Of course, this also means having unique paid content, better support...
  18. BlenderLikeOperation

    Plugins BlenderLikeOperation 1.2
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    If you're a Blender fan, you'll love this.This plug-in will greatly improve your work efficiency in desktop-mode. Now it is perfectly compatible with ContexMenuSystem plug-ins! This plugin allows you to manipulate VAM logic like the Blender view interface. For example, G+X (moving along the...
  19. LiS: True Colors Gabes Apartment

    Assets LiS: True Colors Gabes Apartment 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Gabe's (Alex's brother) Apartment where she is staying when she came to New Haven Colorado Also a place where a romance might also continue ;) Get Steph model here!! Also this is a joint project with @JoyBoy check out his port of the Main character Alex Chen!!! His scene will include my...
  20. LiS: True Colors Steph Gingrich

    Looks LiS: True Colors Steph Gingrich 1
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    I have played and 100% trophied the recently released Life is Strange game True Colors. It was awesome and wholesome. Now here is your fantasy role-player and hot chick Steph Gingrich!! Comes with varied outfits and hairstyles without the beanie. Also get the Apartment from the game so you...
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