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Guides Unity AssetBundles for VaM 1.xx 2020-03-07

After some people essentially begged me to do it, I spend several evenings this week and the this entire Saturday on writing a tutorial on Unity AssetBundles. It ended up to be an 13 page PDF of 2700 words. Lots of pictures, obviously.

This tutorial covers:
  • Installing the correct Unity version
  • Setup your Unity project. I have included an almost ready-to-go Unity project.
  • Getting some Assets. This is not VaM specific and therefore only covered briefly. The project includes a sofa and matching ottoman asset, based on these two free Sketchfab assets by Visja Filip Rumin: Old Sofa and Old Leather Ottoman. Both are under CC-BY-4.0 license, which made it possible to include them in this tutorial.
  • Adding collision
  • Creating a material variation
  • Creating Prefabs
  • Creating the AssetBundle
  • Using VaMExporter for faster iteration
  • Loading in VaM with CustomUnityAsset
  • Extracting assets from AssetBundles (with uTinyRipper)
  • License considerations
  • Quick introduction into tools included in the project
The project ZIP includes a version of ProBuilder and ProGrid! That's a simple modeling tool, mainly it is intended for quick prototyping. However, I build the entire SecretRoom environment with this. It is very easy to learn and especially the auto-stitch feature for texturing is awesome. Here is a link to a nice ProBuilder video tutorial that covers all the essentials in just 5 minutes.


This was an EarlyAccess release, but is now free for the community.
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You DID give me the ability to play God, and I FEEL IT. Thank you so much MacGruber for everything you've done for VaM!!!!!!!
Thanks for all your work, you will be missed. You produced some game changing plugins and some insanely helpful tutorials. Does anyone know if there is a link somewhere to his VaMExporter script for unity?
VaMExporter should be part of the Unity project attached to this resource.
Worked perfectly for me. Thank you for creating this resource.
Thank you soo much!
You are a genius
Great guide thank you for putting the time into doing it! I found it super useful
with out this I could not work
an excellent Guide MacGruber in to Unity projects to assetbundles .
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