Unity AssetBundles for VaM 1.xx

Guides Unity AssetBundles for VaM 1.xx 2020-03-07

After some people essentially begged me to do it, I spend several evenings this week and the this entire Saturday on writing a tutorial on Unity AssetBundles. It ended up to be an 13 page PDF of 2700 words. Lots of pictures, obviously.

This tutorial covers:
  • Installing the correct Unity version
  • Setup your Unity project. I have included an almost ready-to-go Unity project.
  • Getting some Assets. This is not VaM specific and therefore only covered briefly. The project includes a sofa and matching ottoman asset, based on these two free Sketchfab assets by Visja Filip Rumin: Old Sofa and Old Leather Ottoman. Both are under CC-BY-4.0 license, which made it possible to include them in this tutorial.
  • Adding collision
  • Creating a material variation
  • Creating Prefabs
  • Creating the AssetBundle
  • Using VaMExporter for faster iteration
  • Loading in VaM with CustomUnityAsset
  • Extracting assets from AssetBundles (with uTinyRipper)
  • License considerations
  • Quick introduction into tools included in the project
The project ZIP includes a version of ProBuilder and ProGrid! That's a simple modeling tool, mainly it is intended for quick prototyping. However, I build the entire SecretRoom environment with this. It is very easy to learn and especially the auto-stitch feature for texturing is awesome. Here is a link to a nice ProBuilder video tutorial that covers all the essentials in just 5 minutes.


This was an EarlyAccess release, but is now free for the community.
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