Plugins TittyMagic 5.2.4 (free) / 70.var

I like that :-) Unnatural breasts are like rubber boobs from the doctor where hardly anything moves and every guy loves natural breasts
Superb plugin. Definitely a must have for VAM.
Looks hella promising
When version 2.1.1 dropped, I didnt know how it could get any better. I'll be danged if everlaster didnt go and do it again with 3.0! This update is insane and worth the early access x10!
When TittyMagic first came out, I remember it feeling under-baked and no better than BreatAutoGravity + soft body physics.

Holy shit is that no longer true: this plug-in is easily one of VaM's most indispensable now, and really has been since I suppose the 2.0 update? Whatever the case, it's been freely available long enough that I don't mind dropping a few dollars for Early Access to the new one as a thank you, for the best breast physics available on the platform.
I can’t believe the game itself does not include this you are like a modder! What will happen to the new VaM, will you have to reprogram this to work for the next VaM version?
Probably :)
A solid must have for all you "boob" people out there. Everlaster is super nice too and helped me tweak a setting in his script. Thanks for your amazing work.
Absolutely fantastic
***MVP*** Most Valuable Plugins Here.
Effect on person BEYOND THE EXCEPTION for a "so easy" plugins
Ok. Wow.
Great work, really good!
A must have! Adds more realistic physics in most dynamic scenes
The #1 plugin i setup my scenes and looks around..
Hard work mate. Thanks a lot !
MUST HAVE! This has bumped up the realism on my mocaps a few notches.. I'm loving how real it makes the breasts react to movement!
Possible the best plugin there is.
I tried this for the first time today, and now I can't live without it lol
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