Plugins TittyMagic 5.2.4 (free) / 70.var

OMFG! Spherical Colliders! Truly revolutionizing for VaM! Absolutely amazing!.
must have plugins
Wow I cannot even begin to imagine how you coded this. I must support your patreon !
After seeing the update in action I'm having trouble picking my jaw off the floor. VAMFUCKINGTASTIC!
ESSENTIAL PLUGIN i just hope this is integrated in VAM 2.X
TOP 3 of the best plugins. Great plugin, but I stayed with 3.x.x. Somehow it suits me better. Your contribution to VaM improvement is invaluable.
Thank you very much.

Your plugin is a great motivator for all of us.
great plugin. very useful. thanks.
A must have
This latest update really takes it to a new level. WOW!!!
A bona fide hero to us titty lovers. Thank you @everlaster. Great plugin, it really, really, really improves the default VaM titty physics. My scenes are orders of magnitude more realistic with this plugin.
Excellent work =)
Best plugin for real TITS ever!!
5 giant swinging knockers out of 5...er...let's make that 6 out of 6 for sanity's sake haha
Absolutely essential!
What's better than a boob bouncing in front of your face? A realisticly bouncing boob, that's what :)
Just have to say TittyMagic takes the realism of breast physics way beyond anything I could ever have imagined when I first released the BreastAutoGravity plugin. Glad to have planted the seed of an idea in Everlasters brain and contributed just a small part in its development.
Brilliant !
Thanks VeeRifter!
The best plugin for me that increases the value of VAM.
good dude. great plugin. nuff said.
Very Good! But i there a version for Futas???
There is not... I don't really know anything about futa models, but I'll look into it
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