The Boss - Female PoV, Futa

Scenes The Boss - Female PoV, Futa 2


This scene was initially one of the simple demonstration scenes using Timeline 5's pose feature and VAMOverlays integration, but ended up with 18 animated poses with subtitles and 6 bonus animated poses. This is a futa, female pov scene made for VR. Have fun and let me know what you think!

IMPORTANT: Requires Timeline 5:

You can also download TGC.ENV_HallwylMuseum_TheStables here:

Here's an outdated preview video:
More screenshots:
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  1. The Boss is now free for all!

    A little late but hey, better late than... other stuff!

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Nearly choked on my cigarette....
Fabulous scene, really draws you in. Love the poses, the teasing and the animations. Thank you Acid Bubbles.
😮 Hot 🔥
this was wonderful, and the bonus scenes
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Woot! I thought this scene went completely under the radar, thanks for showing me it wasn't the case :D
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