Succubus' Pet - Female PoV Futa, Facial, Peeing

Scenes Succubus' Pet - Female PoV Futa, Facial, Peeing 2

Succubus's Pet

IMPORTANT: This scene requires Timeline 6 (AcidBubbles.Timeline.268)

This is a scene I have built to test out Timeline 6; it was sitting there for a long time because I didn't feel I could do what I wanted without some of the features of Timeline 6. And I'm glad I re-opened it, it was fun to build and I think it's also a fun experience!

In short, it's a female PoV scene with a futa demoness... but you're hanging upside down! This allows for some unique angles. It's similar to The Boss (with transitions and subtitles) but much more complex. There's a facial cumshot and a peeing scene too, be warned! There aren't any VR movements but there are potentially uncomfortable VR angles.

Special thanks to WeebU for giving me special permission to use Succubus_2 for this Early Access scene, and to @hazmhox (moan, ambiance, overlay plugins), @vs1 (cave), @VamTastic (fingers morph), @JaxZoa (clothes), @ddaamm (female), kemenate (morphs), @TGC (device) without whom I couldn't make this.

As usual, this scene will be free when Timeline 6 has been released! Thanks, enjoy!

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  1. Succubus Pet now available to all!

    Let me know if you like this :)

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amazing job, one of the best scene i have see.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Love it!!! thank you!
Wow great Work
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Glad you like it <3
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