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I was struggling with tight booths or non-movable booth doors in some scenes, so I decided to make more spacious ones with interactive doors. Also including lewd graffiti, which can be toggled depending on the mood of your scene.


It's a subscene, so you can quickly add a lot of them in a scene and customize them to your liking.

You can use this for making a locker room, a changing room, a gym shower room, a public toilet...
There are 2 static scenes included to showcase this.

For those wondering why there is a dependency to my "Body writing" package: I simply used it to make the graffiti! It doesn't make much sense, but as lewd graffiti rarely do, it's perfect :p

How to use:
To add any number of subscenes in any scene:
1) Add atom: "Misc" / "SubScene" (click directly on the UI flag icon to have this pre-selected).
2) Select the Subscene and go to its "SubScene" tab.
3) Click on "Load existing" and navigate to this ZRSX subscene.

=> Video tutorial: https://www.xvideos.com/video61731019/vam_how_to_add_subscenes
=> Want to know more? Check out the full subscene guide.
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    Adding the gloryholes was nice, but there was an issue with rendering (a very specific angle was...
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Latest reviews

Great addition, but is it possible to make the gloryholes a little bit larger? Perhaps have two different sizes side by side unless you can add/remove them separately with buttons?
Yep, I can do this, good idea! The issue is with the hidden colliders that I'll have to adapt for the new holes and/or size: it'll take some effort, don't expect it right away ;)
Amazing haha and funny...so many dicks lol
Great asset! Now all it needs is a few gloryholes
Thank you! Nevermind about my previous reply to @ICannotDie: RVU just proved me wrong. I'll do an update with some holes!
Very cool. The door opening/closing is a great feature. Would be great to get a version with a gloryhole cut in one of the side panels.
Thanks! I really wish I could do that with VAM basic shapes / props! Assets would be the way for this.
I was thinking of doing just a small wall with a hole in it as an asset, so it can be used for such things... I'll add it to the list!
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