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Material texture library

Textures Material texture library 2.0

What is it?
This is a material texture library for all to enjoy ;)
You have convenient subscenes to easily explore and apply them!

I'm the first to scowl when there are duplicates in various VAR... and textures with good resolution can quickly take up disk space.
So this is my attempt at making things better by creating a common library that you could depend on :)





You can see that some spaces are still left blank in the subscene displays: if you have quality CC0 textures that you'd like to see included (to share with the world and for linking to this in your packages), please send it to me!
I'll be happy to include it!

I have a few reservations, though:
  • I voluntarily limited the number of textures included here. I don't want to add too many, or people will get lost and never use them. So please send me only textures that are really useful to you & others.
  • Textures can be quite heavy. I've mostly limited to 2K textures and the pack is already over 400 Mo (the upload limit on the Hub is 500 Mo) now reduced down to 360 Mo.
⚠ The showcase scene included ("Material library - Full v4") features the whole library: be warned that it might take a while to open :p

There's also a small "Try out" scene if you want to try applying textures from the subscenes (see the "How to use" section below):

How to use

To add a Material library subscene in any scene:
  1. Add a "SubScene" atom in your scene: use "Misc" / "SubScene" (click directly on the UI flag icon to have this pre-selected).
  2. Select the added Subscene and go to its "SubScene" tab.
  3. Click on "Load existing" and browse to this ZRSX subscene.
There's a SubScene guide if you want to know more about them. I've made a small video tutorial as well.

To apply a texture to any "texturable" atom:
  1. Add a Material library SubScene using the steps explained above)
  2. Select the atom of the library having the texture you want and go to its "Material" tab
  3. On the top of the "Material" tab, click on one of the 3 buttons in the "Save To" section (with red background). Remember the number on the button you clicked.
  4. Select the atom where you want to apply the texture and go to its "Material" tab
  5. On the top of the "Material" tab, click on the button having the same number as before in the "Restore From" section (with green background).

@Dragontales has made a more detailed explanation in the Materials Library Subscene that I use here.

Licensing, credits & thanks:
All textures should be under CC0 licencing. The pack is published under FC (Free Content, so CC0 as well).
So feel free to use in your creations!

I have a few people to thanks for helping me building this texture pack:
Thank you very much for contributing!
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Latest reviews

5 stars! I LOVE IT ZRSX!
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Thank you for your excelllent work!!!
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Nice! Super easy way to add textures to objects!
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appreciate your excellent work.
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Excellent, thank you very much.
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Thanks for putting this together. Definitely some textures might come in pretty handy :)
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Super easy and useful!
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omg thx, Imma use on more cloth furniture
Sure! You can make your own subscenes with your favorites. You can send me your textures to be added here, to avoid duplicates in packages!
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Thank you for your work, I love the concept I'm going to abuse it !!
No more searching in folders ^^
Ahah, please do! And thanks again for your help with it ;)
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Wow! These are awesome. Thank you so much for putting the time into making this very organised and useful resource!
You're very welcome! I hope it can be of use to the community ;)
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