1. RandomVAMUser

    Scenes Concepts 2.0

    Collection of all my concepts/shenanigans (that i like todo from time2time) in single package. concept=experimental and unpolished showcase of random shenanigans Some Info: All scenes are created and tested in desktop-mode using VAM v1.20.77.9 With 60HZ/2Cap Physics settings Previous version of...
  2. ZRSX

    Assets [Subscene] Interactive SciFi fucking machine 1.0

    Well, I've made another fucking machine. Except this one is from Science-Fiction! It's quite huge and really, really interactive. Just use the console to enjoy it! I've improved a few things from the video, mainly the character animation. But I'm too lazy to do it again ^^' The machine is...
  3. ZRSX

    Assets [Subscene] Booths 2.1

    I was struggling with tight booths or non-movable booth doors in some scenes, so I decided to make more spacious ones with interactive doors. Also including lewd graffiti, which can be toggled depending on the mood of your scene. It's a subscene, so you can quickly add a lot of them in a...
  4. SciFi fucking machine preview

    SciFi fucking machine preview

    The preview of a new fucking machine - it's a work in progress!
  5. ZRSX

    Guides How to use subscenes

    Intro What is a subscene? A subscene is simple a part of a scene that is saved separately and that you can reuse at will. You can include any subscene any number of times in any scene. More precisely, a subscene is a VAM atom: it can be found under “Misc / Subscene” when you add atoms to your...
  6. ZRSX

    Assets [Subscene] Microphones & concert props 1.0

    Just standard microphones and some other concert props to be added in your scenes. Just? Not quite. It's a subscene made with basic VAM shapes, so they are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! ... Okay, yeah, sorry, I went a bit overboard here. It's only some small objects without that much interest. But you can...
  7. ZRSX

    Assets Fucking machines as a subscene 3.1

    Update: 2 new machines! A set of interactive fucking machines with On/Off button and speed control. The thing is: they are available as subscenes! You can import it in any existing scene and tweak it as much as you want. Dido is also changeable: you can select another item from the base asset...
  8. everlaster

    Plugins Lumination 1.0.0

    Lumination is a lighting rig plugin that controls multiple InvisibleLights in a single user interface. It allows conveniently setting up and adjusting lighting in a scene, and offers automatic control of light sources relative to targets in the scene. These automatic controls include...
  9. SupaRioAmateur

    Scenes [SubScene] Dress Mannequin G2F 2021-03-05 3/5 Update: Added White Plastic Version Added Collision on legs, but its not colliding so no good use, probably not sink in floor if enable physics...
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