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Space Force

Scenes Space Force 2020-09-24

Space Force

Space Force is a sexy and fun series of X rated stories. Episodes will find the crew of the explorer ship Vanguard in a wide variety of erotic tales and adventures, some short and some much longer spanning many episodes. They will be released as updates to this file so episodes can flow together seamlessly.

The series begins with Delta's story. Originally intended to be 3 episodes there is simply too much to fit in (that's what she said) it will more likely be 5 episodes.

You will need the following .VAR files installed to play these scenes:

Acidbubbles Timeline

Molmark's Cumpack

Ivansx's Geoshell Clothing

My Easy Gaze - Finger and Kiss Motion plugin

My Wet Bits textures

Install and play Space Force

- Place the Spacedog.Space_Force.x.var in your VAM\AddonPackages folder.
- Load VAM and press the Open Scene button.
- On the left panel select "AddonPackages Filtered".
- On the right hand panel open the Spacedog.Space_Force.x.var folder and open Space Force.json

Please ensure you have plugins enabled in the VAM security options for the scenes to be animated.

Episode 1

Delta is part human and part android. While the rest of the crew are doing a planet survey Delta asks for Captain Connor's assistance in a new project to uncover her human side.

Episode 2

Delta and Reinhart get some quality girl time and there is a new revelation about the mysterious signal.


Best experienced in VR mode but will also work fine in desktop.

If you want to skip through scenes or between episodes you can use the handy tablet found nearby in each area.

Play time is approx 20 min for each episode.


The changelog for this release of Space Force is so big I hardly know where to begin. Here's some brief highlights:

Episode 2 built from the ground up in Timeline

Episode 1 converted to Timeline, the sex scenes are now much more immersive so I recommend checking them out even if you've played through before.

New clothing for the girls based on Ivansx's Geoshell which fixes weird occlusion issues with the original Ultra Cat Suit versions.

Updated dialogue for Episode 1. Somehow several scenes had an early draft of the script, they are now the proper versions.

Countless background tweaks and improvements to make as solid grounding as I can for future episodes.

Thanks to:

Orpheaned for his awesome ship asset. I have shared it in my VAR with his permission.
Acidbubbles for the amazing Timeline plugin
Molmark for his Cumpack
Ivansx for the Geoshell Clothing
Meshed of course for making this all possible.

Disclaimer: This is not to be confused with the Netflix series of the same name. I chose the name long before it was announced and it has stuck. If they don’t like it they can change their name.

Space Force Promo 1.jpg
Space Force Promo 5.jpg
Space Force Promo Pic 1.jpg

Space Force Promo 1.jpgSpace Force Promo 2.jpgSpace Force Promo 4.jpgSpace Force Promo 5.jpgSpace Force Promo Pic 1.jpgSpace Force Promo Pic 2.jpgSpace Force Promo Pic 3.jpgSpace Force Promo Pic 4.jpgSpace Force Promo Pic 5.jpgSpace Force Promo Pic 6.jpg
First release
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4.83 star(s) 18 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Episode 2 released

  2. Fixed for the story getting stuck at the end of the blowjob scene

    Thanks to SayWhat for pointing out the story got stuck after the blowjob scene. You should now...

Latest reviews

Cheesy dialogue, wish I could just skip to the sexy parts. I though the lighting was just overkill. It's interesting but seems to be very overrated.
Well it isn't meant to be Shakespeare, lol. You can skip to the sex scenes at any time using the handy tablet found nearby in each scene.
I created an account just to leave this review and support the author. I just experienced both episodes and WOW ! This is the future of entertainment. Experiencing the scenes in VR (wirelessly on Oculus Quest) and following the sensual, progressively stimulating dialogue was a treat to all senses. The personalities are well crafted, the models and interactions are sublime and I can't wait to see more cinematic content from Spacedog. Thank you!!
Incredibly hot characters and scenes, decent dialogue, great buildup for each episode. Keep up the great work!
Dear Doggo from Space... I KNEW you had to keep the tension and keep the threesome for the next episode. I was so frustrated :P

As usual, brillant animation work, nice progression and you manage to keep the intensity build up the whole episode.

Keep up the good work!
I created an account on virtamate, solely to commend Spacedog's (2020) stellar work after observing the first episode of "Space Force" in VR. The reason I rated 5 stars is because their overview page was concise, the story was engaging, and I loved Delta's design.

When I said the overview page was concise, I am referring to Spacedog's clarity on the .VAR files needed, as well as their instructions to install and play "Space Force." The .VAR files they identified, along with the steps to install and play, was easy to understand and to follow as a newcomer to VAM. Not only was the overview helpful, the author also provided some insight into their episodic story through engaging descriptions.

For the first episode of "Space Force" in the overview page, Spacedog (2020) described their protagonist, established a setting and a narrative, where Delta is on a quest to uncover her human side with the help of Captain Connor. When I read this description, I was curious how Captain Connor would help Delta and after watching the episode, I learned how he assisted her. Something that made the episode engaging was the environment. Big shoutout to Orpheaned for his ship asset. My mind was blown from seeing and then exploring around the ship. Another aspect of "Space Force" I found to be engaging was the ability to choose a dialog when multiple options were available. I do not know if my choices mattered, but if they did, that is a neat feature. Another thing I liked was seeing the level of detail Spacedog put into their work using the needed .VAR files, such as the Wet Bits textures. Seeing the wetness on Delta's pants from the texture file fascinated me because that was something I did not see before in VAM. Not only was the story appealing, Delta was attractive, too.

The reason I loved Delta's design is because when I first saw her in the first episode, her personality and parts of her appearance reminded me of Seven of Nine from Voyager, where Seven of Nine was all about efficiency. Not only did Delta remind me of Seven of Nine, but her interaction with Captain Connor reminded me of Seven of Nine's relationship with Captain Janeway (minus the sex, but all for helping Seven of Nine explore her humanity).

Overall, I enjoyed Spacedog's (2020) work "Space Force" and highly recommend downloading their scene if you are looking for an interesting story or a high quality series. I look forward to seeing more of the author's work!

Endnote: I'm not sure if there was supposed to be actual animations for each scene, such as an animation of Captain Connor rubbing Delta as she laid on her back or if Captain Connor was supposed to be idle with his finger planted between Delta's legs, but if there are animations to these scenes, how can I see them? Is it a VAM security setting?
Hi DonHo, thank you for your review! I can't confirm or deny that Delta is based on Seven of Nine :)

There absolutely is meant to be animations, every scene is fully animated. I haven't had other reports of the scenes playing without animations so I'm not sure what the issue is here.

Is your VAM outdated? Open up your VAM folder and run VaM_Updater.exe to see if there are any available?
This is a decent scene, I think the dialogue is a bit much. I was starting to get bored with the lead up, but once it got past that it was fine. I hope that you appreciate some constructive criticism. I've always believed that just posting 5 stars and saying great is just as helpful as posting 1 star and saying "Crap!".
Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it. Balancing story with sex scenes is fiendishly difficult. I have tried to be sure the ratio is more sex scenes than talking and what talking there is driving the action forward. Think of these first episodes as setting the scene for what will happen in the future, though some of it may not pay off immediately it is groundwork for future scenes.
Friggin awesome spaceship, great work you made my day ;)
Great work as Always! Immersion, Dialogue, and Humor.....and several hot scenes. Must have.
great job
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